Hair Control “Stay Slick Formula” Bernie Dexter Edition

So today I am reviewing Slick 50’s Hair Control Stay Slick Formula “Bernie Dexter Edition!” I LOVE the label on this pomade!!


It comes in a white plastic tub with a black screw-top lid. It has just the single label on top. The label is so awesome tho! It has Bernie Dexter on the label in just thong underwear and high heals! It says “HAIR CONTROL” across her back and “stay slick formula” across her butt. It also has their website underneath her. Pretty cool label in my opinion. Anything with a pin-up is “a-okay” in my book!

Opening it up you see a clear-ish white pomade. It has a wonderful smell to it! It smells like the banana boat oil that girls put on when they tan. Straight sweet coconut!!!


Scooping it out was really easy, as I figured it would be, because it says “stay slick formula” on it. Its texture is just like any other light-medium pomade. It also is about a greasy as a hair dressing.


Putting it in my hair was very very easy. It went in like butter!! Since it went in so easy I combed my hair quite a bit to thoroughly coat my hair with this stuff.

I got some pretty decent height with this stuff! However, it took me a little longer to get my hair to do what I wanted it to with this pomade. I think I’m a little overdue for a haircut, as you can tell. My part looks like crap! It also left my hair a little more bouncy than the average light pomades do, but it kept the hold all day long! This grease made my hair pretty shiny too!



Now after wearing this stuff all day at work I needed to re-comb it after I got home. I had to change my clothes and I snagged my shirt on my head, I know rookie mistake. I got pretty bummed out, because once I re-combed it, my hair lost most of its hold and got super wavy. So that’s really the only down side I see to this grease.

After everything, I gotta say I like this stuff quite a bit. Its got a great smell to it, nice hold and some decent shine! The only thing I don’t like about it, is its lack of re-combability (if that’s even a word haha). But I’d say go snag a tub of this stuff, it’s definitely a grease worth having! Plus it’s got the most awesome label!!! You can find it on Steve Hooker’s website. Here’s the link to the pomades page
He also has some other awesome hair products on there so check them out!!


Well, til next time guys!


Dapper Man; The Gentleman’s Pomade

Ok, so I have a job interview today and I really wanted to look professional so I used Dapper Man; The Gentleman’s Pomade! The name alone sounds like a good choice.


It comes in a plastic tub with a metal screw-top lid. Like a black version of the monkey brains tin, only smaller. It’s got a classic “dapper guy” on the front with some grayish rays coming out from under his neck. Really cool top label! On the side is a wrap around label with the ingredients and the name.


Opening it up was a little bit of a shock cause this stuff looks like mayonnaise meets whipped butter. It smells very fresh like most hair creams do. So I was a little disappointed cause I don’t really like hair creams all that much. I mean I don’t hate them and I do use Dax Super Neat from time to time, but they’re not my go to product.


Scooping it out threw me for a loop though! It was like scooping out a wax. Weird right? Then when I spread it in my palms it felt like Murray’s Superior. This stuff is really in a group of its own!

Putting it in my hair was a little hard cause it wanted to just stay on top like a heavier pomade or wax does. However, combing this stuff in was as easy as using a hair tonic. I know what you’re probably thinking, because I was thinking the same thing. What the hell is up with this stuff? It looks like mayonnaise, scoops out like a wax, goes in like a heavy pomade but is the easiest thing ever to comb in?!!


Since I had an interview today I went with the gentleman’s part again, it only fits since I’m using a “gentlemen’s pomade.” Besides, I don’t think I could’ve gotten much height cause this stuff left my hair really bouncy. It didn’t have very much hold to it. I also wasn’t able to slick this stuff down hardly at all. Which was a little disappointing cause I really like the sides and back to be nice and tight with this style of hair do.

So while on my way to my interview I realized this stuff hardens up like a gel does. This stuff, man I just can’t get my head around it. It is like 5 products in one!


Overall, I wasn’t that happy with the hold of this stuff. Nor was I happy with the way it hardened up on me like gel or hairspray does. However the tin looks cool and will make a nice aesthetic addition to my pomade collection. And on the plus side, this stuff does have some nice sheen to it, and you know I’m a big fan of shiny hair! It also washes out with just water which is awesome! This stuff really is a one of a kind pomade so I’d suggest grabbing a can if you like hair creams and water soluble pomades cause it’s the best of both. I don’t know how often I’ll use it, but I know I’ll use it again in the future at some point!

Anyway I hope this was informative and helpful!



Blue Magic Pressing Oil

Today I decided I’d use Blue Magic Pressing Oil.

It’s made by the same company that makes Royal Crown, J Strickland & Co. It also comes in their signature 5oz cardboard tin with metal lid. It’s got the red lid like Royal Crown’s Pomade. On the front it’s got an old retro looking white sign that says “Blue Magic” in blue ink and the “Pressing Oil” is in red ink. There’s also some stars on and around the white sign. Gotta say I love this style of tin and wish I had bulk amounts of them for the pomade that I make!


Opening it up it’s just like its name, blue. It’s got a different smell to it though. It’s not like Royal Crown Hair Dressing or any other light pomade I’ve come across. It reminds me of soapy talcum powder. Like I said, weird smell.


Grabbing this stuff out of the tin it’s feels a lot like Tres Flores Brilliantine. However it spreads in your palms like a hair dressing does, it reminded me of Murray’s Exelento. Combing it in was a breeze! Probably the easiest pomade to comb in that I’ve used so far.


Styling with it was really nice, I dug the smell of it and how easy it was to work into all of my hair. Now I decided not to go with a pomp for this stuff. I wanted to go with a “gentleman’s part” today. My grandfather used to style his hair like this and so did his dad. The part that’s not quite on the side or in the center. Now my grandad used to use boar’s hair brushes to slick his curly hair all the way down to his head, but I didn’t do that.


I just used a regular comb to comb it back, make my part and then comb it to the sides a bit. I did however, use a boar’s hair brush to get the sides nice and slicked down. I just like that in a hair do like this one when the sides are skin tight. It’s uber “gentleman,” in my opinion.


Anyway enough of my ranting we’re supposed to be talking about the product. I really liked how shiny it was and how it had more texture and potential hold than I thought it would. The smell was also pretty nice. However, this stuff was pretty hard for me to find and my wife HATES the smell! So I don’t think I will use this one that often. But for you guys that can find it regularly, go grab a can of this stuff cause its pretty good!


Hope this review was helpful!

Take it easy guys!


Black & White Lite Formula

Alright guys, today’s grease is……Black & White Lite Formula.

I decided to go with the lighter formula first, I tend to like to do that when I get more than one hold from the same company. I don’t really know why I do this, but I do.


So, it comes in a tall white container like the regular hold does. Only this one has orange and black lettering/design instead of just black like the regular one. I think it’s a pretty cool change up! The symbol on the lid is also orange instead of black.

Opening it up, it looks like any standard light grease. Looks almost exactly like vaseline. It’s got a sweet, powdery smell to it, but not like baby powder. Almost like powdered sugar mixed with flowers. I know weird reference, but like I’ve said before my nose seems to link smells differently than most peoples do.


Getting this stuff out of the tub was super easy. It has a really light texture to it, very similar to Royal Crown’s Hair Dressing. It also spreads into your palms like the hair dressing does.


Putting it in my hair was just like the hair dressing as well. It went in super easy! I love it when pomades go in really easy!

Now when I started to style with this stuff I totally expected it to have virtually no hold. Boy was I wrong! I know; it looks, feels and goes in like Royal Crown Hair Dressing. Shouldn’t it hold the same? NOPE! It styles/holds like a medium pomade! It holds pretty darn good and I got some height with it!! Totally messed with my brain when I was combing my pomp.



Plus this stuff is SUPER shiny! I love shiny pomades/hair. Just reminds me of the old school guys that had their hair always looking shiny! This stuff is one of my new favorite pomades! Now maybe I got more height than normal because my hair is pretty long, but it held this high all day! So I’m not totally convinced that it’s because of my long hair.


This stuff is great for slicking down, gentlemans parts, low profile pomps and medium pomps. Totally versatile grease! You guys should definitely have a tub of this in your collection.

Overall, I LOVE this stuff! There really isn’t much else for me to say, other than this stuff is great and that you should go buy a tub of it ASAP!!

Keep it greasy guys!


Gasoline Grease

Alright, today I’m gona be using “Gasoline Grease.”

It comes in the classic stainless tin with the single label on top.


The label has the signature Jolly Roger skull and cross bones on it. It says “Gasoline Grease” under the skull. Around the outer edge of the label it says “We call it grease… ‘Cause ‘dressing’ is what chicks put on salads” hahahaha, awesomely funny!


Opening it up is the very familiar sight of the off-white/cream colored pomade. It’s got a really cool smell to it that brings me back to being a kid on Halloween! Some of you guys might remember this candy, “bit-o-honey” that’s exactly what it reminds me of! Vanilla and honey mmmmm!


When I scoop it out it reminds me exactly of the rockabilly deluxe magazine pomade. Same consistency, broke down in my hands the same way and had the same sticky feeling.

So putting it in my hair I thought it would go in the same. Wrong! Went in surprisingly easier! I was able to comb this in almost as easy as a medium pomade. Those are my favorite pomades, so I was super stoked on that!



Now I was able to get about the same height as the rockabilly pomade, and this one is a tad bit shinier. I’m starting to like this stuff even more! I love a good shine to my hair. Although I wish it was more shiny, I still dig it.

The front stayed nice and high all day, well the left side dipped down a little. However, it held for the most part all day at work and band practice! The crown didn’t want to stay, but that’s cause I really need a hair cut. I was able to re-comb this stuff throughout the day which made me like it that much more.


Overall I think I like this stuff better than the rockabilly pomade, but it hasn’t won the top spot in my opinion, there are some others out there that I really love. You guys should definitely grab a tin of this stuff tho! You won’t regret it! Besides how can you not like a pomade that stays all day, has a some shine to it and smells like bit-o-honey candy?!

Hasta la vista!


Suave Groom & Clean

So I decided to do a review on a product I’ve seen a lot of guys asking about on the “Addicted to Pomade” Facebook page. Suave’s “Groom & Clean!”


It comes in a very retro looking package. Just two colors, white and blue. The & symbol brings a nice pop to the center of the box with turquoise and red but that’s the only color difference on the box.

When you open it up the product is in the classic toothpaste style tube, but with a bigger cap than toothpaste. The tube has the same design as the box and has a blue cap.


Squeezing it out it kinda looks like a turquoise-blue version of “close-up” toothpaste. It feels just like hair gel tho, without the signature bubbles that gel has in it. The smell is awesome, it reminds me of my grandfather to a T!!! Very classic fresh smell, very gentleman like!


Now I used this stuff to degrease a hard hold pomade to make a fresh slate for the light pomade i want to review next. So I got A LOT more height than I usually do with it. Normally, this stuff only gives you maybe an inch to an inch and a half. I got like three inches, because of the pomade I had in.


It’s got a really high shine to it just like a gel does, but it doesn’t harden up like a gel does. It also can slick your hair down like a gel can too. I’ve never tried re-combing this stuff before, but I’d think you can since it doesn’t harden up.


Now some guys only leave this stuff in for 20-30 minutes then wash it out and they have freshly degreased hair. I prefer to leave it in for a few hours then wash it out and I use conditioner after to give my hair a silky feel to it!


This stuff is one of my favorite degreasing methods/products! Mainly, because I can also style with it all day long if I want to. Who doesn’t want a degreaser that you can use like a grease?! Its the best of both worlds, hence it’s namesake “Groom & Clean.” Its also on the cheaper end of the degreasing spectrum which is nice, more $$ for pomades!! Plus as you can see my hair is completely free of grease, only a little water resides in there! Stuff is way awesome, total bang for your buck!


Anyway hope you guys like this review and found some useful information from it!

Til next time!


Schmiere Special Edition Hart “Garage Grease”

Today’s pomade is Schmiere Special Edition Hart “Garage Grease.”

On the tin is their classic black bird, but on this one he has a racer’s helmet with goggles on and next to him it says “Garage Grease.”


Opening the tin you see a nice vibrant green color to the pomade. When you take a whiff of the green grease you get a lovely sweet, floral soapy scent. It reminded me of this hand soap my grandmother always had that I was never allowed to use.


Scooping this stuff out was not the easiest. It’s got a waxy consistency and is a little harder than their mittel
hold. It did soften up just like the Mittel in my palms, but with a waxy feel to it.


Putting it in my hair, it goes in as easy as the Mittel, but was a little harder for me to comb into all of my hair. Far easier than Murray’s, but not as easy as the medium pomades out there. Overall I like how it went in and spread throughout my hair!



I was able to get some nice height with this stuff. It has a nice semi-gloss sheen to it. I do like more shine than it gives, but at least it’s not a matte pomade. My hair was a little unruly today and I couldn’t get the front to do what I wanted it to! The crown didn’t want to stay and I had a gap in the right side of the front, but it wasn’t because of the grease. I just had a bad case of bed head.


So my judgement on this special edition from the rumble 59 line? Really like this stuff! My wife doesn’t like the smell that much so I probably won’t wear it around her, but I will use it as often as I can!

To close this review up I have one more outburst I have to share. I used this stuff on the first day of the annual Arizona hardcore fest “Within These Walls” and it held up great! After 5 1/2 hours of moshing pretty hard for 8 different bands, I was still able to comb a pomp!!! Holy crap this stuff is awesome! Granted my pomp wasn’t as high as it was when I combed it in the morning. I was still able to get a decent do going!

You guys should go grab a tin of this stuff, it will be one of the best greases in your collection!

Til next time!