Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine Pomade

So today’s pomade is Rockabilly Deluxe Magazine Pomade.


It’s in a classic stainless steel tin with the label on top. The label says “style at any speed” across the top over the skeleton racer guy. He’s got racer goggles on and is gripping a steering wheel. On the left and right sides of him it says “the Greasy King hair pomade” and underneath him it has the magazine’s logo with their website.


Opening the tin you see a dark, grayish blue pomade. It has a very distinctive classic/vintage smell to it. I can’t distinguish a certain flavor, but it smells really good!

Scooping it out you notice this stuff is rock hard! It’s similar to “Schmiere’s” hart pomade, but more like clay. The consistency kind of worried me at first, because it did kind of reminded me of a clay, but when I worked into my palms it completely changed forms and softened up quite a bit.


Now for the test! As I was putting it into my hair it first went in kind of like Murray’s or Dax’s wave and groom, but it combed in a lot easier than those do, at least for me. It doesn’t have too much shine to it, but it’s not entirely a matte finish. I was able to get some good height with it and the comb-ability of this stuff is pretty nice. Now before, I said I couldn’t name the scent. Once I combed it into my hair it started to smell like some kind of a blueberry candy or drink or something.



I had this stuff in all day at work and my coworkers did compliment me on the smell, but they didn’t think it smelled like blueberry anything. I guess my sniffer picks up scents differently than everyone else’s. As for the hold, everything stayed in place. I did get a stray hair here or there, but I didn’t need to re-comb my hair or anything. So even though I did get a few loose ones over the course of the day, it held everything else in place all day. Overall I really like this stuff and I’m sure a lot of you guys will too!


Stay greasy guys!!


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