Suave Groom & Clean

So I decided to do a review on a product I’ve seen a lot of guys asking about on the “Addicted to Pomade” Facebook page. Suave’s “Groom & Clean!”


It comes in a very retro looking package. Just two colors, white and blue. The & symbol brings a nice pop to the center of the box with turquoise and red but that’s the only color difference on the box.

When you open it up the product is in the classic toothpaste style tube, but with a bigger cap than toothpaste. The tube has the same design as the box and has a blue cap.


Squeezing it out it kinda looks like a turquoise-blue version of “close-up” toothpaste. It feels just like hair gel tho, without the signature bubbles that gel has in it. The smell is awesome, it reminds me of my grandfather to a T!!! Very classic fresh smell, very gentleman like!


Now I used this stuff to degrease a hard hold pomade to make a fresh slate for the light pomade i want to review next. So I got A LOT more height than I usually do with it. Normally, this stuff only gives you maybe an inch to an inch and a half. I got like three inches, because of the pomade I had in.


It’s got a really high shine to it just like a gel does, but it doesn’t harden up like a gel does. It also can slick your hair down like a gel can too. I’ve never tried re-combing this stuff before, but I’d think you can since it doesn’t harden up.


Now some guys only leave this stuff in for 20-30 minutes then wash it out and they have freshly degreased hair. I prefer to leave it in for a few hours then wash it out and I use conditioner after to give my hair a silky feel to it!


This stuff is one of my favorite degreasing methods/products! Mainly, because I can also style with it all day long if I want to. Who doesn’t want a degreaser that you can use like a grease?! Its the best of both worlds, hence it’s namesake “Groom & Clean.” Its also on the cheaper end of the degreasing spectrum which is nice, more $$ for pomades!! Plus as you can see my hair is completely free of grease, only a little water resides in there! Stuff is way awesome, total bang for your buck!


Anyway hope you guys like this review and found some useful information from it!

Til next time!


One comment on “Suave Groom & Clean

  1. Devon says:

    Right on man – I use it in an identical fashion. And you’re definitely right about the smell, it can take you back to good memories with the quickness!

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