Black & White Lite Formula

Alright guys, today’s grease is……Black & White Lite Formula.

I decided to go with the lighter formula first, I tend to like to do that when I get more than one hold from the same company. I don’t really know why I do this, but I do.


So, it comes in a tall white container like the regular hold does. Only this one has orange and black lettering/design instead of just black like the regular one. I think it’s a pretty cool change up! The symbol on the lid is also orange instead of black.

Opening it up, it looks like any standard light grease. Looks almost exactly like vaseline. It’s got a sweet, powdery smell to it, but not like baby powder. Almost like powdered sugar mixed with flowers. I know weird reference, but like I’ve said before my nose seems to link smells differently than most peoples do.


Getting this stuff out of the tub was super easy. It has a really light texture to it, very similar to Royal Crown’s Hair Dressing. It also spreads into your palms like the hair dressing does.


Putting it in my hair was just like the hair dressing as well. It went in super easy! I love it when pomades go in really easy!

Now when I started to style with this stuff I totally expected it to have virtually no hold. Boy was I wrong! I know; it looks, feels and goes in like Royal Crown Hair Dressing. Shouldn’t it hold the same? NOPE! It styles/holds like a medium pomade! It holds pretty darn good and I got some height with it!! Totally messed with my brain when I was combing my pomp.



Plus this stuff is SUPER shiny! I love shiny pomades/hair. Just reminds me of the old school guys that had their hair always looking shiny! This stuff is one of my new favorite pomades! Now maybe I got more height than normal because my hair is pretty long, but it held this high all day! So I’m not totally convinced that it’s because of my long hair.


This stuff is great for slicking down, gentlemans parts, low profile pomps and medium pomps. Totally versatile grease! You guys should definitely have a tub of this in your collection.

Overall, I LOVE this stuff! There really isn’t much else for me to say, other than this stuff is great and that you should go buy a tub of it ASAP!!

Keep it greasy guys!


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4 comments on “Black & White Lite Formula

  1. tito says:

    Hey man I have a few questions have you tried the regular black and white and if you have which one is stronger royal crown pomade or b&w regular hold… and great blog really really good keep it up

    • jchmotox57 says:


      I have tried that one. I also picked up their creative paste and manik shaper the other day. I’d say they’re both about even for me. It also depends on how you apply it, what type of hair you have, how you style your hair, and weather conditions. But I think they’re on par with each other. I like Black & White a little bit better than RC Pomade though. Thanks for those words about my blog, I’m glad you like it! I hope I answered your question haha.



  2. Hessel Kevin says:

    I really hope you’ll make a full review on the Original Black and White, looking forward for it

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