Gasoline Grease

Alright, today I’m gona be using “Gasoline Grease.”

It comes in the classic stainless tin with the single label on top.


The label has the signature Jolly Roger skull and cross bones on it. It says “Gasoline Grease” under the skull. Around the outer edge of the label it says “We call it grease… ‘Cause ‘dressing’ is what chicks put on salads” hahahaha, awesomely funny!


Opening it up is the very familiar sight of the off-white/cream colored pomade. It’s got a really cool smell to it that brings me back to being a kid on Halloween! Some of you guys might remember this candy, “bit-o-honey” that’s exactly what it reminds me of! Vanilla and honey mmmmm!


When I scoop it out it reminds me exactly of the rockabilly deluxe magazine pomade. Same consistency, broke down in my hands the same way and had the same sticky feeling.

So putting it in my hair I thought it would go in the same. Wrong! Went in surprisingly easier! I was able to comb this in almost as easy as a medium pomade. Those are my favorite pomades, so I was super stoked on that!



Now I was able to get about the same height as the rockabilly pomade, and this one is a tad bit shinier. I’m starting to like this stuff even more! I love a good shine to my hair. Although I wish it was more shiny, I still dig it.

The front stayed nice and high all day, well the left side dipped down a little. However, it held for the most part all day at work and band practice! The crown didn’t want to stay, but that’s cause I really need a hair cut. I was able to re-comb this stuff throughout the day which made me like it that much more.


Overall I think I like this stuff better than the rockabilly pomade, but it hasn’t won the top spot in my opinion, there are some others out there that I really love. You guys should definitely grab a tin of this stuff tho! You won’t regret it! Besides how can you not like a pomade that stays all day, has a some shine to it and smells like bit-o-honey candy?!

Hasta la vista!


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2 comments on “Gasoline Grease

  1. where did you get the gasoline grease from?

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