Dapper Man; The Gentleman’s Pomade

Ok, so I have a job interview today and I really wanted to look professional so I used Dapper Man; The Gentleman’s Pomade! The name alone sounds like a good choice.


It comes in a plastic tub with a metal screw-top lid. Like a black version of the monkey brains tin, only smaller. It’s got a classic “dapper guy” on the front with some grayish rays coming out from under his neck. Really cool top label! On the side is a wrap around label with the ingredients and the name.


Opening it up was a little bit of a shock cause this stuff looks like mayonnaise meets whipped butter. It smells very fresh like most hair creams do. So I was a little disappointed cause I don’t really like hair creams all that much. I mean I don’t hate them and I do use Dax Super Neat from time to time, but they’re not my go to product.


Scooping it out threw me for a loop though! It was like scooping out a wax. Weird right? Then when I spread it in my palms it felt like Murray’s Superior. This stuff is really in a group of its own!

Putting it in my hair was a little hard cause it wanted to just stay on top like a heavier pomade or wax does. However, combing this stuff in was as easy as using a hair tonic. I know what you’re probably thinking, because I was thinking the same thing. What the hell is up with this stuff? It looks like mayonnaise, scoops out like a wax, goes in like a heavy pomade but is the easiest thing ever to comb in?!!


Since I had an interview today I went with the gentleman’s part again, it only fits since I’m using a “gentlemen’s pomade.” Besides, I don’t think I could’ve gotten much height cause this stuff left my hair really bouncy. It didn’t have very much hold to it. I also wasn’t able to slick this stuff down hardly at all. Which was a little disappointing cause I really like the sides and back to be nice and tight with this style of hair do.

So while on my way to my interview I realized this stuff hardens up like a gel does. This stuff, man I just can’t get my head around it. It is like 5 products in one!


Overall, I wasn’t that happy with the hold of this stuff. Nor was I happy with the way it hardened up on me like gel or hairspray does. However the tin looks cool and will make a nice aesthetic addition to my pomade collection. And on the plus side, this stuff does have some nice sheen to it, and you know I’m a big fan of shiny hair! It also washes out with just water which is awesome! This stuff really is a one of a kind pomade so I’d suggest grabbing a can if you like hair creams and water soluble pomades cause it’s the best of both. I don’t know how often I’ll use it, but I know I’ll use it again in the future at some point!

Anyway I hope this was informative and helpful!




2 comments on “Dapper Man; The Gentleman’s Pomade

  1. Isaac says:

    Thanks for the info. I have shorter hair, and this stuff is awesome!

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Hey Isaac,

      Glad I could help. This stuff was definitely perplexing for me. As I stated in the review, it was like 5 different style pomades in one. The only thing I didn’t really like about it was how it hardens up like gel does. It’s a one of a kind product that’s for sure.


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