Hair Control “Stay Slick Formula” Bernie Dexter Edition

So today I am reviewing Slick 50’s Hair Control Stay Slick Formula “Bernie Dexter Edition!” I LOVE the label on this pomade!!


It comes in a white plastic tub with a black screw-top lid. It has just the single label on top. The label is so awesome tho! It has Bernie Dexter on the label in just thong underwear and high heals! It says “HAIR CONTROL” across her back and “stay slick formula” across her butt. It also has their website underneath her. Pretty cool label in my opinion. Anything with a pin-up is “a-okay” in my book!

Opening it up you see a clear-ish white pomade. It has a wonderful smell to it! It smells like the banana boat oil that girls put on when they tan. Straight sweet coconut!!!


Scooping it out was really easy, as I figured it would be, because it says “stay slick formula” on it. Its texture is just like any other light-medium pomade. It also is about a greasy as a hair dressing.


Putting it in my hair was very very easy. It went in like butter!! Since it went in so easy I combed my hair quite a bit to thoroughly coat my hair with this stuff.

I got some pretty decent height with this stuff! However, it took me a little longer to get my hair to do what I wanted it to with this pomade. I think I’m a little overdue for a haircut, as you can tell. My part looks like crap! It also left my hair a little more bouncy than the average light pomades do, but it kept the hold all day long! This grease made my hair pretty shiny too!



Now after wearing this stuff all day at work I needed to re-comb it after I got home. I had to change my clothes and I snagged my shirt on my head, I know rookie mistake. I got pretty bummed out, because once I re-combed it, my hair lost most of its hold and got super wavy. So that’s really the only down side I see to this grease.

After everything, I gotta say I like this stuff quite a bit. Its got a great smell to it, nice hold and some decent shine! The only thing I don’t like about it, is its lack of re-combability (if that’s even a word haha). But I’d say go snag a tub of this stuff, it’s definitely a grease worth having! Plus it’s got the most awesome label!!! You can find it on Steve Hooker’s website. Here’s the link to the pomades page
He also has some other awesome hair products on there so check them out!!


Well, til next time guys!


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