Steel Toe Pomade

Alright guys, today I’m reviewing a pomade I’ve been using for a while but was out of for a couple months. It’s Steel Toe Pomade. This pomade is an awesome homegrown pomade made by my good friend Tanner Swift. He is the vocalist of the local AZxHC band Redeemer. Probably my favorite local hardcore band and one of my favorite hardcore bands around these days. Go check them out on Facebook!!


It comes in a 4oz stainless steel slip cover tin with the one label on the lid. Very simple and sweet! It’s probably one of the coolest labels out there in my opinion. On a white label with a red ring around the edge you see a little rockabilly dude wearing some bad ass boots and sporting a nice pomp. On either side of him are some old school Americana style anchors. And above him it says “Steel Toe” below him it has “Pomade.” Like I said short and sweet, but really badass at the same time! Also a cool little tidbit, Tanner drew up this label himself.


Opening the can up you see a nice cream colored pomade. It’s got mostly a matte finish, but shines a little bit. Just by the look of this pomade you can see it is a waxy pomade and should have some good hold to it. The smell of this stuff is just amazing. It is kind of similar to a spiced rum but has a little bit of mint in there as well. Now those two smells compliment each other so well in this pomade, it’s really a great smelling pomade!


Scooping it out you’re grabbing a nice waxy and petro pomade. I really like the consistency of this pomade, it’s kind of similar to Dax’s Green and Gold, or Gasoline Grease, or Schmiere’s Hart. And it doesn’t lose it’s consistency or become softer in your palms like some pomades do. It retains it’s consistency for the most part, which is nice for me.

Putting it in your hair it comes off your hands fairly easily and coats your hair nice and evenly. It combs through a lot easier than you would think being a waxy pomade, but it combs around easier than green and gold or Schmiere. The smell also gets nice and strong in your hair like Sweet Georgia Brown does.


When I was forming my pomp though it combs more like a medium pomade and allows you to form really easily and quickly. With this pomade I can get my pomp done in less than 5 minutes. How awesome is that?! You’re in a hurry and gotta comb something quick, this stuff is perfect for that.

You can see I got some nice height to it and it looks really great in my hair. And it makes my hair look really good. My hair looks nice and full bodied with this pomade in it. It’s also really great at taming cowlicks and flyaways. The only thing that this pomade doesn’t do or have to it is a lot of shine. It does have a slight matte sheen to it, but it’s not super shiny. They don’t make top coats for nothing and this pomade works great with toppers. Anytime I wear this pomade I get lots of compliments on the look and smell of my hair.


Overall, this is for sure one of my favorites, if not my favorite pomade. It’s got a great smell to it, awesome consistency, doesn’t soften up in your hands too much, holds great, tames unruly hairs, lasts all day(hold and smell), is recombable and makes your hair look really good! Plus, it has a really cool label on it and makes a nice aesthetic addition to a collection.

So if you don’t have a tin of this stuff already, go grab one as soon as you can! You won’t regret it, this is one of the best pomades out there in my opinion. You can get it from;
And I think soon it will also be on another site. Once it’s up on that site too I will post which one.

*Update! I now own this brand and make this pomade. So you can pick it up on my etsy shop! And stay tuned for new Steel Toe products coming soon!!!

Til next time


Softee – Herbal • Gro

On the last day of my trip I used Softee’s Herbal • Gro. I found it at local grocery store out in Atlanta. After the corporate dinner I threw in some Groom & Clean to get the grease out of my hair to have a fresh start for this stuff.


It comes in a 5oz clear plastic tub with a black screw top lid. The label is a clear sticker with black writing. On the front it says “Softee Herbal • Gro Herbal Formula” and “Maximum Strength.” It’s fortified with vitamins A, D, and E to maintain a healthy scalp and hair, and prevents dry hair and split ends according to the label. It also says “More Value” in a string across the top of the label.


Opening it up you see the nice green colored pomade. It’s really really shiny so I know it’s going to give my hair high sheen! And this stuff smells like jolly ranchers. The watermelon kind and the green apple kind. Definitely one of my favorite smells from a pomade so far! Reminds me of when I was a kid and addicted to watermelon jolly ranchers.


Scooping it out it’s not as soft as I thought I would be by looking at it. It actually scoops out more like a medium pomade. The consistency is similar to Electric Grease. Once I worked it in my hands it softened up quite a bit tho. It became really greasy/oily after I rubbed my hands together.

When I ran my hands through my hair it kind of hardened back up a little bit. Not as hard as when I scooped it out though. It went in really smoothly and coated my hair pretty evenly. It kind of combed more like a hair dressing than a medium pomade.


Now I was super tired because I had to get up really early for my flight so I didn’t really try to form a tall pomp. I just kind of combed it back then over and pulled it up a little bit. I probably shouldn’t have been lazy, so I will have to revisit this stuff and see how much hold I can get with this stuff. I know I could’ve gotten more height than I did, but I was too tired and rushed to try. It does have some decent hold to it I thought.


You can easily see how shiny this stuff makes your hair. Man I love it when my hair is really vibrant like that! The smell is also really strong in my hair. Not as strong as Sweet Georgia Brown, but it still has a strong scent. I got a few compliments at the airport on my hairs smell and shine. I love it when random people comment on my hair.

I fell asleep on the plane and my hair got all jacked up and out of whack. I pulled out my greasy back pocket comb and worked my hair around. As messed up as my hair was I could still comb it back into place. That makes me like this pomade even more! This stuff maintains its hold all day too, along with being recombable. Definitely a winner in my mind.

If any of you want to try this stuff out, and I recommend you do, head over to your local grocery store to look for it. If you can’t find it there, go pick some up off their website.

Stay slick guys


Schmiere-ex Shampoo

Alright, so after a request from a friend of mine, I had a little extra cash and I bought Schmiere’s shampoo to try it out. I waited until I used one of their products to try it out though since it’s made by them and I’m guessing it works with their pomades. So the past couple days I used their special edition knupplehart Prison Blues and I’m going to wash it out this morning with their shampoo so I can have a clean slate for a new pomade to try out today.

It comes is a tall semi-clear plastic bottle with a really unique screw top lid. It has two rectangular labels on it. The front one has their bird, but it’s just his skull this time and some cross bones underneath his skull. It says “Schmiere-Ex Shampoo” on the front above and below the raven. At the bottom it says “XXX particularly fat-dissolving XXX” or at least that what my translator said it was. Then at the very bottom it says “Schmiere-your days are numbered.” The back label has the same stuff plus a long blurb about something and has some dates from the early 1900’s.


Opening it up, you can kind of see the unique lid it has. Sorry my camera just wouldn’t focus for some reason. And it has a shampoo smell to it, nothing special about it. Which really bums me out cause I thought it would a really cool smell like their pomades do, but no such luck. Oh well, it’s just shampoo.


Squeezing it out of the bottle the color looks very different from when it’s in the bottle. In the bottle it looks kind of like a lighter royal blue, but when you get it out of the bottle it’s the exact same color as Suave’s Groom & Clean. It almost has the same texture too, just more watery than Groom & Clean.


Now as you can see my hair is full of pomade and I just woke up, major bed head and sleepy eyes. So some of the pomade already came out on my pillows from me sleeping and rolling around. So this stuff should get the rest out.


I jumped in the shower and lathered up my head. Which this shampoo gives a nice rich froth to your hair but at the same time it’s a very airy and light froth too. As I was rubbing it all around my hair and my scalp it seemed to be working, my hair felt like it was getting degreased. I rinsed it out and that’s when I noticed that not all the pomade had come out. Some did, but not nearly all of it. So I did the whole “lather, rinse, repeat” cycle twice and still the same result most of the pomade was still in my hair.

You can clearly tell in the after picture, that my hair still had quite a bit of pomade in it. I look like I should be in a Tim Burton movie the way my hair stuck out every where. That’s gotta be how he gets his characters’ hair to look like that, and how he gets his own hair to look like that. I wonder what kind of pomade he uses?


Well back to the correct subject. I was pretty bummed out this shampoo didn’t really work. I’m not going to be able to try a new pomade today, so I am just throwing something shiny on my head for my last day of work out here. And for the company dinner tonight with the owners of the company. I have to look sharp for the big wigs right, gotta make a good lasting impression?!

Now it’s made by Schmiere, so it’s gotta work with getting out at least one of their pomades. Well, I would surely think it does anyway. So, I’m going to keep trying it after every pomade of theirs I use until I find out which one it gets out. So stay tuned to find out which one it gets out of my hair.

If you want to give this shampoo a go, head over to their website and pick up a bottle!

Stay greasy guys,


Schmiere Special Edition Knupplehart “Prison Blues”

Hey guys, so I had a request from a good friend of mine to review Schmiere’s shampoo so I bought it to use on my trip with the pomade I’m reviewing this time. I’m going with their special edition knupplehart Prison Blues. Stay tuned later tonight or tomorrow morning for the shampoo review!


It comes in their standard large stainless slip-cover tin. This time the bird has a newsboy hat on and he’s “got stripes around his shoulders” He’s sitting behind a row of steel bars and the background color on this one is red. I think this may be my favorite label they’ve put out, it’s really badass!


Opening this can up you see a charcoal/ash-grey colored pomade with a very matte finish to this pomade. Probably one of the dullest pomades I’ve seen yet. I love the color of this pomade tho it’s very unique, I’ve never seen grey before, nice change up. The scent if this stuff is very different too. One of the people out here with me on my trip said “looking at the label when you smell it reminds you of prison.” Now I didn’t get that, but we all pick up different scents from stuff. I thought it had a soapy and talc smell to it with a slight hint of ashes.


Scooping out was gnarly! It was so hard to get out that when I was trying to scoop it started turning the pomade in the tin! The pomade came unstuck from the tin and spun with my finger, pretty crazy. Once I broke the surface it was a little easier to get out, but it was still difficult and kept spinning the pomade cake in the tin. Haha it was pretty wild to see the pomade move with my finger.

When I rubbed it between my hands it softened up a bit. However, it was difficult to break up the biggest chunk I grabbed out, it took me a little while. Once I got it all broken up, I softened it up as best I could but it was still pretty hard/tacky kind of similar to Murray’s Superior in my hands.

It went in my hair easier than I thought it would because of the texture. Then when I was combing it around I noticed these little white specks in my hair. My guess is that’s they were wax pieces reacting to the water that was still in my hair, but it bummed me out. I noticed the more I combed they stuck to the comb and came out of my hair. Whew, I thought I was going to have to try an melt them with a blow drier or put something else in my hair if that didn’t work. You can see the specks on my comb.


At first I was able to get my hair to stand straight up with just a little lean to it. This stuff made my hair STRAIGHT! I also noticed more hairs than usual in my comb during the forming/combing of my hair. That really bummed me out, I don’t like seeing a bunch of hairs stuck in my comb.


I was able to get some nice height to my hair with this pomade and a slight roundness to the top of my pomp. This stuff also has a slight shine to it, but more of a matte shine. I got the front of my hair nice and straight and my cowlick tamed which can be hard to do some days. So this one is a good pomade for taming waves, cowlicks and fly-aways. I tried to look tough cause I’m using Prison Blues pomade and I got all my hard to manage hairs to stay in place, haha I’m a bit of a dork.


All in all, I like this pomade quite a bit. It’s got great hold, that stays all day and is recombable. It’s scent is pretty awesome and it’s got some shine to it in your hair. On the down side, it can be a pain to get out of the tin and for me, it pulled a lot of hairs out of my head. But I’ll use this stuff again in the future. So if you guys like heavy hold pomades grab a can of this stuff. You can get it from their website;

Stay fresh fellas


Black Jack Pomade Death Grip

Hey guys, today I’m checking out a pomade I’ve been wanting to try for a while now, Black Jack Pomade. I am starting with their Death Grip which is now their 21. They also have 13 and a Top Coat, but I have really been wanting to try their Death Grip.

I contacted Mike over at Black Jack and I ordered everything they carry. I sent him a tin of my Atomic Pomade and he sent me an extra tin of the 21 with a Death Grip sticker so I could have a tin with the original label on it. I wanted it strictly for my collection.


It comes in the very familiar 4oz shallow tin with a label on the lid and a label on the bottom of the tin. It’s just the standard stainless steel tin. The label is a bright white label with a zombie arm coming up out of a grave holding a pocket comb. On either side of the arm it says “Death Grip” above the arm it says “Black Jack” below it says “Pomade.” On the bottom label there is a long blurb about what it may contain, he wrote some funny stuff on there, then it lists their contact info. At the very bottom it says “It’s easy bein’ greasy with Black Jack”


Opening it up you see a bright white waxy pomade. It’s almost as white as the label, it’s definitely the whitest pomade I’ve seen so far! It has a nice matte finish to the pomade. And the smell is very fresh and clean. Totally smells like men’s grooming products, no sweet hint to it at all or floral just a fresh, soapy, manly scent. The ladies will love it!


Scooping it out was really difficult at first. Trying to break the surface was probably the most difficult pomade I’ve had yet. Once I finally broke through the surface it was actually like a medium pomade in texture. And it softened up quite a bit when I rubbed it between my palms.


Putting it in my hair was about like a medium pomade. It all came off my hands really well and coated my hair pretty evenly. I was able to comb it around very easily as well. The more I combed it the softer it got tho. And when I started to form my pomp it kind of regained its hold, which was awesome.


I was able to get some decent height with this stuff even tho my hair was kind of soft. It left my hair nice a fluffy as well and it held really nice. Now it didn’t have a rigid hold, it let my pomp fall a little to the side. I also had a little trouble taming the crown of my head with this pomade. On a nice note this stuff is really shiny! Which is really surprising to me because of the matte look it had in the tin, but it’s a nice surprise. So you’ll get some decent hold with this stuff and a nice sheen to your hair. Win win in my book.


Overall I gotta say I’m glad I contacted Mike and got his products. He definitely has a winner with this pomade. Plus I got a lot of compliments on the smell of my hair throughout the day. As I knew they would, everyone loved the smell of it.

Go over to his website and check him out! While you’re there grab some of his pomade. You will definitely be pleased with the line Mike has going over there at Black Jack Pomade.

Catch you guys later



So after a few requests for this pomade and using a really light pomade yesterday. I put in some Groom & Clean last night and degreased my hair completely. This morning I pulled out Hair-Rep to grease up with. I’ve heard some good stuff about this pomade and have wanted to try it for a little while now.


Pretty cool container, yup another mini paint can! This one is a little larger than the Knucklehead Brand cans were, only slightly though. This one only has the label on the sides this time, but it’s not a label it’s painted on the metal itself. It’s a white background with a black square centered on the front of the can that says “Hair-Rep” and gives the weights and the company name. Now this company, Belva Manufacturing Company is a division of the same company that makes Royal Crown and Blue Magic. J Strickland & Co. On the right side of the can it says “This is an all-purpose hair beautifier.” and on the left side says “Madam Belva’s Prepared Hair-Rep Made in U.S.A.” The lid is a nice fire-engine red which gives this tin a nice pop. Especially since there are some of the words printed in red ink.


Opening it up, you guessed it, you need a coin or something to pry the lid off. Who would’ve think it, haha just joshin’ ya. This stuff looks a lot like Chrome and Royal Crown Hair Dressing. But this pomade is a nice white color and is very shiny in the can. I have a sneaking suspicion its not going to have much hold to it. Just based on how it’s looking in the can.


Scooping it out confirmed my suspicions, this stuff is the softest grease I’ve ever felt. Literally, softer than Royal Crown, Chrome or Levin’s Super Soft. It has a super greasy consistency and texture to it. The smell is kinda similar to chrome, but also jasmine or orchid flower smell too. Pretty decent smell.

Putting it my hair was exactly like Levin’s, just really easy to work around. It was so soft to the point where I could only use a comb with fine teeth to actually be able to work around decently. It’s very malleable and the wide tooth end of combs just doesn’t work with this stuff. It’s just way too soft and greasy.


So like with Chrome, I just combed it back/over, because there was just no way I was getting any height with it. This is by far the oiliest, greasiest pomade I’ve come across. I mean after rubbing it between my palms it just turned into oil basically. Even putting it into my hair pretty damp, I couldn’t style anything but a slickback or combover. It does have amazing shine to it tho! It would make a killer top coat. However, I personally didn’t like the way it made my hair look and feel on its own. So as soon as I got back up to the hotel I immediately degreased. This is one that just isn’t for me, I will keep it around to use as a topper tho.

For you guys that love shiny stuff and rock slickbacks all the time this is perfect! Or if you’re looking for some awesome shine to go with your pomade that gives you the hold, also a great fit. So if you like the wet look to your hair and you like the greasy stuff, go grab a can of this stuff. It’ll definitely grease you up!

Stay slick fellas

– JC

Chrome Perfect Comb Hair Dressing

Hey guys, so today I’m following up the Knucklehead Brand pomade “Switchblade” with their hair dressing “Chrome.” Usually I start with the lighter first, but I got a couple requests for Switchblade so I used that one first. This one is also discontinued like its counterpart, so it’ll be hard to find if you guys go looking for it, just to prepare you.


Just like their other product, this one comes in a mini paint can as well. I really dig this style of container, they’re very unique. It’s got the same style of labeling. A wrap around label and a lid label. This one is kind of a charcoal/purple-ish grey and has Chrome in some really cool block letters that are colored to look like a chromed out car bumper. Underneath that it says “Perfect Comb Hair Dressing” and above it says “For ‘Slick, Shiny’ Hair.” And the lid label is the same thing except it has a chevron right above Chrome.


And like Switchblade you need a coin to pry open the tin. Once you open it you see a light shiny dressing almost exactly the same color as Vaseline. That kind of yellowish white petroleum jelly. The smell of this stuff is exactly like its name, it has a metallic scent to it. Kind of like a metal working shop or the metal pipe section at your local hardware store.


Scooping it out I immediately noticed I won’t be able I get any hold with this stuff. It’s really really soft. Definitely one of the softest I’ve seen yet. Rubbing it in my hands made it even softer, it became almost oily when I did. Like if you were to mix Royal Crown dressing and an oil hair tonic together, that consistency.

When I ran my hands through my hair it was really easy to get this stuff moved around in my hair. It was almost as easy as running my hands through my hair when it’s dry. I was able to keep pulling it forward, pushing it back and moving it around without hardly any resistance. Combing it was the same thing, just super easy to work around in all directions. Not very much resistance to it, even when I used the fine-tooth end of my comb.


Styling my hair was kind of Simple Simon for me. I knew I wasn’t going to get any hold so I just combed it over. I did slick it back first then started from the back pulling it to the side to try and get a little height. Which I was able to get a little more than an inch in height but it didn’t stay that high all day. It kind of slumped toward the end of the day. This dressing is easily recombable too, I did about 10 recombs throughout the day. And it don’t breakdown or fluff my hair up or anything.


The label on this stuff wasn’t kidding, this stuff makes your hair slick and shiny. It’s very slick and greasy with lots and lots of shine. The shine is really great, making this stuff is one of the better toppers I’ve seen.

Overall I love the shine of this stuff, but the hold is lacking. So I can say I probably won’t ever use this stuff on its own again. Unless, I don’t want hold and just want my hair to be really shiny and almost have that “wet” look to it. So you cats that always use a base and topper this stuff would be a perfect fit. I only do that every once-in-a-while, which for me, this pomade isn’t the best fit. However, I will more than likely use this stuff again in the future. Just as a topper most likely.

Stay greasy guys!