The Iron Society “Old Fashioned Mens Grooming Aid”

Today’s pomade is one A LOT of guys have been talking about on the “Addicted to Pomade” Facebook page. The Iron Society “Old Fashioned Mens Grooming Aid.”

It comes in a really cool, old looking amber glass jar with a black screw-top lid. It has just the one sticker/label on the front, which is very vintage looking, circa 1930’s.


The label reads “The Iron Society” inside a banner. In between “iron” and “society” is their insignia/symbol. It is a “t” and an “i” next to each other with an “s” wrapping around them. Also on either side of the insignia it says ” handmade in brooklyn.” Underneath that it says “Old Fashioned Mens Grooming Aid.” The label also has their ingredients and the net wt, 3oz. On the very bottom of the label it says “be easy, friend.” Pretty cool looking label.


Opening the jar up I got a nice, aromatic surprise. It has a really nice smell to it, the scent reminded me of this cologne my dad used to use when I was a kid. Very manly, musky smell to it, almost an old smell, with a slight hint of citrus and bergamot. The color doesn’t show up properly in this photo, it’s a yellow cream color. I wish I had a more high res camera.


When I grabbed it out of the jar it felt like hair wax. It was a little tough to get out for me. It spread on my palms just like a wax too. Kind of sticky but not terrible. It was really easy to clean off my palms too.

Applying it to my hair wasn’t too bad it went in like Dax green & gold. However, this stuff was really hard for me to comb through my hair. Almost as hard to comb through as Murray’s, it’s way past “time for a haircut!” I’m going today to get one. With shorter, more manageable hair I KNOW this stuff will go in a lot easier and allow me to work it in better.


This stuff has some nice hold, it’s a medium-hard hold, but leaves your hair kinda soft and pliable! I got a nice tall pomp with this pomade. It also is slickable (another one of my made up words) I was able to get the sides and back pretty close to my head.


Another great thing about this pomade is that it has some nice shine to it! Man, now I know what everybody has been raving about. This stuff is a definite winner! Just don’t mind my part it’s all jacked up again. Like I said, haircut TODAY!

All said and done, I really dig this stuff! Probably gona be in my top 10. Yeah that good! Go grab a tin, oops, a jar of this stuff! You can get one from their website;
And I would suggest getting one ASAP it’s worth having in your collection!

Well til next time!


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3 comments on “The Iron Society “Old Fashioned Mens Grooming Aid”

  1. Jack says:

    Great review, I recently purchased TIS from and it’s great, but after exprementing with the stuff I found that it’s hold gets weaker under high temperature. 😦

    Do you know where I can get some of the firm hold version of TIS?
    And could you please recommend me some Pomades that can help me straighten out my waves ( I have thick wavy hair ), thanks your time and keep up the good work. 🙂

    • jchmotox57 says:


      Thanks man I appreciate that! Yeah almost every pomade is going to do that to some degree. It’s just that the ingredients have a lower melting/softening temperature. Yes go to and order one jar and type in the comments area that you want the firm and Chris will send you out one. I believe he is working on his site to include the firm option when checking out. But for now you have to just type in the comment area that you want the firm. As for pomades to recommend. Check the water based and heavy lists on I also make a heavy hold pomade that would work. Hope that helps man!


  2. leiaherne7 says:

    Reblogged this on Pomaid and commented:
    Love this stuff!

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