Electric Grease Brand Mens Pomade “Sleazy Formula”

Today I decided on Electric Grease for my freshly cut hair!

It comes in a 4oz shallow tin with a top label on the lid and a wrap-around label on the side. The label reminds me a little bit of the tv show “Bewitched.” It’s a purple label with pink and white 60’s style letters and white stars. The wrap-around label is pink with blue and white letters. The top says ‘Electric Grease Brand Mens Pomade “Sleazy Formula” ‘ and the wrap-around has their ingredients and says “Hand Crafted” before “Electric Grease” and leaves out the “Sleazy Formula.”


Opening it up you see the sticker inside the lid which has the name next to a burlesque girl in pasties, elbow-length gloves and underwear. Pretty cool little inside label! The pomade has a really cool color to it, it looks like grapefruits. The scent is also citrusy, but smells like pomelos instead of grapefruits and has a slight hint of roses to it! Very fresh, nice smell to this pomade.


Getting it out of the tin was pretty easy. It’s more on the heavier end of the medium pomade range. It spread in my palms very nicely as well and the scent really got strong when I spread it around.


Putting in my hair, it went in like a medium pomade does, smooth and easy. It combed through really really nice too, not quite as soft as a hair dressing, but still very easy. Using a fine tooth comb to work this stuff in wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Styling with it was also a breeze! I went for more of a sharp pomp rather than bulbous. I kinda wanted almost a psychobilly style “wedge” look to my pomp without actually styling a wedge. My part looks pretty messed up still so I gotta go back to my barber and tell him to fix it right. There is also a scar that lands right where my part is, bummer.


The front stayed nice and high all day, even when I was out in the sun for like an hour around 3pm! I had to re-comb the back a few times. This stuff is easily re-combable and maintains its hold when re-combed which is nice! It’s also got some nice shine to it. After re-combing it, my pomp was a little more bulbous than it was earlier.


I gotta say I like this stuff quite a bit. Nice hold, sweet smell, shiny and workable all day long! Go grab a tin of this stuff for your collection you won’t regret it! You can find it on Etsy, here’s the link for you guys.


Stay “sleazy” guys!


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5 comments on “Electric Grease Brand Mens Pomade “Sleazy Formula”

  1. Greg Riggs says:

    The ETSY link does not work. Does anyone have a contact to order this pomade?


  2. QK says:

    I might just get that pomade for the inside label!

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