Lucky 13 Swagger Cream Pomade

Today I’m gona check out Lucky 13’s Swagger Cream Pomade.

It comes in a clear plastic jar with a black screw-top lid like the Murray’s beezwaxes do. This stuff is made by Murray’s, so it makes sense they’d use the same container. It’s got a label on the lid and one wrapping around it which is different than most products in this style jar. You don’t usually see a label on the top, it’s a nice change!


The label has a cool skull with a top hat and magicians wand. It says “You’ve Got Good Taste” on either side of the skull and “Some People Are Born With It” above the skull. It’s got the Lucky 13 logo to the right and has “Swagger Cream Pomade” underneath the skull. The ingredients, directions and a little blurb about the company are on the back side of the label.


Opening it up you see exactly what you expect to see, cream. However this stuff is WAY brighter than any other cream I’ve ever seen. It’s print paper white!! Cotton ball white! New t-shirt white! Yeah it’s that white! It’s got a very fresh smell to it as well, like most creams do. But this one is different, it smells like a hair salon and snuggle fabric softener. Very clean and fresh smell.

Grabbing this stuff out, it felt like conditioner, and it kinda looks like it too. It spread around really easily and has a very soft texture to it. Kind of a nice change up from the regular feel of greases and waxes.


Putting it in my hair was pretty easy to spread around and work in with my hands. Combing it was tougher than I thought it would be. I mean it wasn’t hard to comb, I just thought it would be like combing in conditioner. However, it was more like combing in a medium pomade.


I styled a more bulbous pomp today with this stuff. I parted my hair the right way today and just combed the long hairs back and made it look as best I could. I think I missed one or two so my part isn’t perfect, but it looks a hell of a lot better!

I got some nice height to it today and this stuff has kind of a matte shine to it, if that makes any sense. It did harden up a little bit, it may have been due to me putting it in my hair when it was damp. I think this stuff will go in better when my hair is dry. That’s part of the fun tho, making mistakes and figuring out the best way to use each product. At least it is for me anyway.


Overall, I think this is my new favorite hair cream. I usually don’t like hair creams that much, if at all, but this stuff is badass! This cream pomade also washes out with just water which is pretty cool. The second day using this stuff I put it in dry and it did make a difference. I will definitely use this stuff often in the future and will grab another jar as soon as I can. I recommend you guys do the same! This stuff is a must have for your collection! You can find it and the others on the lucky13 shop




4 comments on “Lucky 13 Swagger Cream Pomade

  1. arcessimus says:

    Where did you get this cream from? Would I be able to get it from a barber shop or would I have to order it online?

    • jchmotox57 says:


      My grandma actually got it for me from this clothing store in our area. You can get it at some barber shops, clothing shops and other various stores. And you can also visit their website for it. I would check around your area for store that may carry it or see if the have a store list on their website.


      • arcessimus says:

        And how would you say the hold is on this stuff? I’m looking for a water based product for summer. While I’d prefer more shine, I definitely have more priority on hold.

      • jchmotox57 says:


        The hold is good, but it doesn’t last as long as most. If I were you I’d look for something that’s lasts a little longer. Bonafide is a good hold, lasts long, and has some shine. Or check out Layrite super shine, not as much hold but you can top any matte strong hold water based with it to get your hold and shine.

        Hope that helps man.


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