Bees Knees Pomade Scent 1/ High Sheen

Well yesterday I used Bees Knees Pomade and I told you guys I’d be reviewing the 2 samples he sent me to test out for his next pomade. So today I’m trying “Pomade Scent 1.”


It came in a tiny tin, probably only a 1/2oz tin. As you can see its significantly smaller than their regular tin. But I think it’s a pretty cool little sample tin! It has the same label as the regular with only a few small differences. Underneath the “Bees Knees” it’s says “Pomade Scent 1” instead of just “Pomade.” And the background is a darker blue than the original. The bee is the same and is holding the same stuff in his hands.


Opening this baby tin up you see a medium brown colored pomade. It looks kind of like ginger molasses cookie dough. It has an awesome smell to it too. It reminds me of grapefruit, a campfire and a pine forest! It also has a slight smell of ginger to it. I don’t know if I like this one better than the OG or not yet. It is an awesome scent tho!


Getting this stuff out was a little easier that the original. However it was a little more gummy than waxy like the original is, which makes this stuff a little stickier. And it was a little harder to spread around in my palms, but not much.


Putting it in my hair was the exact same as the regular bees, despite the more sticky texture it has. I totally thought it wouldn’t go in as easy. I was able to comb this stuff through just as easy as well. I’m beginning to really really like this brand of pomade! Drew really knows what he’s doing over there.


Now because this stuff is so versatile I decided to show you guys by going with a different style than a tall pomp. I went for kind of a combover with a little height to the front. I first combed my pomp, but decided I wanted to show the versatility of this stuff, because you can do just about anything with these pomades!


This stuff is also REALLY shiny! Like putting-olive-oil-in-your-hair shiny. Pretty frickin’ awesome! I love high sheen pomades. And who wouldn’t love a really shiny pomade that can hold your hair straight up!! Then you wouldn’t need a base coat and a topper. This stuff is both of those in one can! My wife told me my “hair looks really good today.” She normally doesn’t say stuff like that so I gotta say if this stuff makes an impression with her, it’s gotta be good!


Now Drew has 2 possible scents and he’s only going with one. So it’s only fair that I list the essential oils that create the scent, since everyone’s nose may pick up different smells from this stuff. So the oils he used to create this scent are; sandalwood, clove and sweet orange.

Well hopefully you guys liked this little insight to a possible new installment from Bees Knees Pomade. Stick around for the next sample of the new possible scent, it will be the one I use tomorrow.

Take it easy guys.


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