Bees Knees Pomade Scent 2

Well yesterday I used Bees Knees Pomade Scent 1. So today I’m finishing out my Bees Knees line with “Pomade Scent 2.”

It came in a tiny tin, just like the other one did. It has the same label as the regular and Scent 1 with only two differences. It says “Pomade Scent 2” instead of “1” and the background is a forrest green instead of blue this time. The bee is the still same and is holding the same stuff in his hands.


Opening this little guy up you see a yellow colored pomade. It looks almost exactly like the original Bees Knees, only a little bit darker. This one has an awesome smell to it too. It smells of sweet lemons and cardamom. Very nice scent, very nice scent! Still on the fence on which one I like the best out of the 3 tho.


Scooping this one out was exactly like the 1st sample I tried. Just as gummy and about the same texture. However this one is the most difficult to spread in my palms out of the Bees Knees line. Probably the stickiest stuff I’ve tried yet, but it washes off my hands just as easy as the first two did.


Now getting this stuff in my hair was also the most difficult of the line. It was about as tough as Murray’s Superior to put on and work in. Then, once I combed it from front to back in of all my hair it got really easy to work around. Whew, that kind of scared me for a second! It got really nice to comb around after the first combing. I think I love this brand of pomade! Drew just has a line of winners on his hands!


As I’ve said before, you can do almost any style of hair with this pomade. So I just went back to a tall pomp and made it more curvy than angled like I did with the original. I got some nice height to it and I was able to kind of get a bulbous pomp. Now it’s not exactly where I wanted it, but I was running super late for work so I just left it til I got to work, then I fixed it.


This stuff is also REALLY shiny! Not quite as shiny as Scent 1, but still pretty shiny. Man I love high sheen pomades and this one shines nicely. So like the first sample I reviewed, this one is also a base and topper in one tin! Dad gummit I love these pomades. I gotta get more! SOON!!

Now like I said Drew has 2 possible scents and he’s only going with ONE. So it’s only fair that I list the essential oils that create this scent like I did with the last one. Since you guys might smell something different than I did. So, the oils he used to create this scent are; sandalwood, clove and lemongrass.

Well hopefully you guys liked this little insight to this possible new installment from Bees Knees Pomade. Stay around to find out which scent Drew over at Bees Knees Pomade decides to go with!!

See y’all later!



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