Diet Coke

So I’ve heard this rumor that Diet Coke supposedly degreases your hair. I don’t really know how this works, but what the hey, let’s give it a shot. I mean I don’t see how pop can degrease your hair, even a diet one but I gotta try it out for the sake of reviewing.

So here we go. It comes in an aluminum can with a pop top. It’s silver and has Coca Cola’s design on it for their diet version. It also has the nutrition facts and ingredients on it.


As you open the can you see a dark brown liquid, just like the regular Coca Cola. It smells like artificial sweetener, aluminum and chemicals. Not my favorite smells at all.


I poured some in my hand and it just ran everywhere, as I knew it would. I snapped a pic as fast as I could to catch as much in there as possible. It smells a lot stronger out of the can. I don’t drink pop hardly ever and Diet Coke I never drink. Now I remember why. To me, this stuff just stinks!


So here’s my hair before I got in the shower and used this stuff. I don’t know how I should use it tho. So I just poured some in my hair to thoroughly coat it. Then I rubbed it in like I would a shampoo. I wasn’t really seeing anything from this stuff. No froth or anything. Like I said before I don’t know how I’m supposed to use it or how it works. Don’t mind the bulging, creepy guy eyes haha.


After about half the can gone I started to doubt if this stuff works or not, because my hair was feeling like greasy hair that got wet, nothing more. I wasn’t seeing or feeling any degreasing going on with this stuff, but I can’t quit halfway through so I went forth and used the entire can. However after the full can used I still didn’t notice any difference in my hair. If any pomade came out of my hair it was very a minuscule amount.


Well here’s my hair fresh out da showuh. As you can see, not much difference. It just looks like I got my hair wet and rubbed it dry with a towel. Which is basically what I did, just with Diet Coke. I was pretty skeptical that pop could degrease your hair from the start, but it’s still fun to try new stuff and see what works and what doesn’t. And as you can see I did use the entire can.


My suggestion, leave the Diet Coke to the ladies and gents that like to drink it and keep it out yo hair! Well hopefully this little insight to this “degreasing” method was helpful. Maybe this works for some cats out there, but it sure didn’t work for me. But if you get a hankering to try this out, I say, go for it! The pop ain’t gona hurt your hair none, maybe it will get some pomade out of your hair. I mean different things work for different people ya know?

Well until the next degreasing stop, keep it greasy kids!!



2 comments on “Diet Coke

  1. jesse says:

    try almond butter

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