Murray’s Hair-Glo

So after the Bees Knees experience, which was an awesome few days of pomade-ing if I don’t say so myself. I thoroughly degreased my hair and got everything out so I could use a nice light hair dressing. Today I’m using one of the Murray’s products, their Hair-Glo.

It comes in their signature style can, but unlike the Superior and the Super Light it’s not in an orange can. It comes in a pink can with lavender writing and a lavender lid with pink writing. Nice change up from their orange and yellow packaging.


Opening the tin up you see a greasy off white/yellowish hair dressing. Its pretty shiny in the tin so I can only imagine how shiny this stuff is gona make my hair!!! It has a really nice smell to it as well. A little like baby powder with some nice sweet floral undertones to it! This is probably my favorite smelling hair dress.


Pulling it out of the tin was a breeze, almost as soft as the Levin’s Super Soft! Now I was a little bummed when I grabbed it out cause I knew I wasn’t gona be able to get any height to this stuff by how soft it was. It’ll still be a good topper or to be used for slick-backs.


Putting it in my hair was really easy as well, but I did need to use the wide toothed end of my styling comb cause it wasn’t soft enough to use the fine toothed end. Now here’s where it got weird on me. The more I combed it, the more it hardened up. Now not a lot, but it became more like Black & White than a hair dressing! I know, weird right?

To show you guys I’m not bs-ing you here’s a pic of the height I was able to get with this “hair dressing” alone.


Pretty crazy right! Man I love this stuff. Now I decided to go with my original plan of a gentleman’s part and slick it back. So I used my boar’s hair brushes and got it as close to my head as I could. That’s when I noticed the shine of this stuff. Holy guacamole, this stuff is way shiny!!!! Now I love this stuff even more. I gotta pause and order a couple more cans!



This stuff is probably my favorite hair dressing now. I gotta say, I love the smell, love the hold and LOVE the sheen this stuff gives! Plus it’s like $3 a tin so you can’t beat a price like that!

Overall I’d say if you like hairdressing and medium/light pomades grab a can of this. It’s great as a topper. You can use it as a stand-alone pomade. It’s got great shine to it. You can do quite a few styles with it. It’s easy on the wallet. Plus it’s made by Murray’s. They’ve been around since 1925 so you know you’re getting a quality product!

Now I’ve never seen this stuff in stores so I went on to their website to get some of it;

Hope you liked this one from the people over at Murray’s!

Stay greasy fellas!


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6 comments on “Murray’s Hair-Glo

  1. Tara says:

    Wow! You sure are cute! 😉

  2. Billy says:

    does this have more shine than the super light?

  3. Douglas Cooper says:

    Compare this to the super light. The original is too thick and resistant to my hair so i started using super light and i like it, but wanted to try this one

    • This one is lighter and more oily than the super light. Yeah their superior is made to be that way. This one is really great just like every single one of their products and is definitely worth picking up!


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