Grandad’s Old Fashioned Hair Pomade

Today I’m going for my newly acquired Grandad’s Old Fashioned Hair Pomade. I talked to Michael over at Grandad’s and he sent me out a jar of his pomade to try out. Now I got one of the first “new” jars. They used to be in a plastic screw-top container, but he very recently changed up his packaging.

It now comes in an awesome 4oz amber glass jar with a screw-top lid. One like The Iron Society does, but this one has a white lid instead of a black one. The label on this jar is a white, wrap-around square label. It’s got the “Grandad’s” in some cool barbershop style cursive writing. Then behind that in a circle it says “Old Fashioned Hair Pomade” with some rays coming from the center of the circle. Very old-timey label, which is really cool!


Opening it up you see a nice cream colored pomade. Now you can tell just by looking at this pomade that it’s a nice wax based pomade. A lot of times you can tell how a pomade will be just by how it looks without even getting some out of the container. It has one of the nicest smells ever incorporated into its scent, mint!!! I love me some mint! Probably one of my top five favorite smells.


Scooping it out was exactly what I expected, a lovely waxy pomade! It’s got a different consistency to it tho! Apart from any other wax style pomade I’ve come across so far. It’s kind of similar to Gasoline Grease, but still on a level of its own. I really liked how it came out of the jar and spread in my palms. It didn’t clump up at all like some pomades made with waxes do.


Putting it in my hair was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. I’ve been around some pomades with wax in them that are just a pain to work in because of clumping, sticking etc etc. However, this stuff went in and combed through really easily and really nice.

I got some really decent height with this stuff and it coated my hair evenly. That just made it that much easier to style my hair quickly with it. I decided to go with a semi-bulbous pomp with a nice grade to it. Trying to make it a little like a low wedge, but with a little more curve to it.


Now I did have a little trouble with the front of my hair on the right side. I just wasn’t able to get it to tame my cowlick like I wanted without caking on the pomade. I don’t like putting a bunch of pomade on one area of my hair just because it’s acting up. I’d rather it not look picture perfect, than have too much pomade on one small area.

This stuff also has a little shine to it. Not a whole lot, but you can see some shine to it in the light. Also, the lovely mint smell lasts all day with this pomade which is awesome! I love it when you can still smell your hair at the end of the day. I got quite a few compliments on the smell of this stuff! It’s great when people compliment my hair, especially because of the smell of it. And it held nice and high all day long. Even after a re-combing and being in the heat for a little while.


Final answer? Go see Michael over at Grandad’s and pick up a jar of this stuff!! It is a must for your pomade collection. I know I will be using this stuff fairly regularly in the future. And so should you guys that like wax style pomades!

Till next time, stay fresh fellas!


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5 comments on “Grandad’s Old Fashioned Hair Pomade

  1. Brittius says:

    Madonna Mia! That’s some crop of hair you have there.
    I go to “the same barber that Eisenhower went to”. Have been trying to grow something but it looks more like Elmer Fudd.
    Using Dax. It’s nice.
    On my Wyatt Earp mustache and lip beard I use Honest Amish, because it has higher wax content.
    Is Grandad’s Old Fashioned Hair Pomade stiffer that Dax?
    To me, Dax has about half white petroleum jelly.

    • jchmotox57 says:


      Thanks a bunch! Never heard of honest amish, sounds cool tho. Which Dax are you using? Grandad’s will be stronger than some Dax but not as strong as others so it all depends on which one you’re using.


      • Brittius says:

        Dax Washable Hair Wax (
        Honest Amish Beard Wax ( Has Licorice scent and it say a soap also in it.
        Bit of a story. I kept clean shaved for many years, then stopped shaving for two and a half years. Big ZZ Top mountain-man beard. Then shaved. My wife said I looked “stupid”, so I grew a mustache as I wore years ago, then it grew and morphed into this big Wyatt Earp mustache and I grew a lip beard that extended about an inch or so beyond my chin. People salute me and call me “Colonel”. Colonel, who? Like fried chicken?? “Oh, no!”, they say, and remark that I should be dressed in a gray uniform.

      • jchmotox57 says:

        I’d say Grandad’s is about on par with the washable wax.

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