Switchblade Deluxe Pomade

Today I am using Knucklehead Brand’s Switchblade Deluxe Pomade due to a request from one of the cats on the Addicted to Pomade page. Plus I’ve been wanting to try this stuff out for a while. Now they don’t make this pomade anymore so it’s getting harder to find these days. Just to let you guys know so you don’t go looking for it and get disappointed.


It comes in a miniature paint can! How awesome is that?! I’ve never seen a pomade come in a can like this before. Pretty cool in my opinion. It’s got a red wraparound label that says “Switchblade” with a switchblade knife underneath it, then “Deluxe Pomade” under that. Above all that it says “For ‘Sharp Looking’ Hair.” The lid has the same thing but in a circle label.

Now just like with a regular sized paint can, you need something to pry the lid off. I used a quarter, but a screwdriver or a key would work just as good. Or you can use anything thin and unbreakable to pry the lid open.


Opening it up you see a light pink waxy looking pomade. The color is similar to the hand made cotton candy you get at fairs, only slightly lighter. Now the smell is a nice sweet floral scent. To me it smells like orchids and lilies. Not as strong as fresh flowers but a hint of those two.

I gotta say, this stuff was a pain-in-the-ass to break the surface of. I mean it was harder than Bees Knees to scoop out! However, as soon as I rubbed my hands together with this stuff it turned into a light pomade. I have no idea how they got it to be so difficult to scoop out because this stuff turned really soft. Similar to Murray’s Hair-Glo.


So putting this stuff in my hair I wasn’t sure how it was going to work. Will it hold well because of the stiffness it has getting it out of the can? Will it hold like a hair dressing cause of how it softens up in your hands? It went in and combed through fairly easily. When I tried to form the front it became very difficult. It was harder to get height like most light pomades out there. Maybe I didn’t use enough, but it kinda made my hair fluffy.


I snapped the first pic as fast as I could before it drooped, but it doesn’t stay that high for long at all. It kind of sunk to the side on me. So I styled my pomp more angled toward the back of my head and it seemed to stay a little better. This pomade does kind of stiffen up later on during the day, but not a whole lot.


I went for a slicked hair-do the second day of using this stuff and that’s when I saw some awesomeness to this pomade. This stuff is really shiny! Not the shiniest stuff out there but it’s fairly close. Which is a great thing for guys that like some shine to their hair.


After all was said and done I think I will only be using this stuff as a topper or a slick-back pomade. However it comes in a badass can, and it’s got a cool label. Therefore, it’ll make a nice aesthetic addition to my collection. So if you can find this stuff, you like cool looking cans and you’re into the lighter pomades that are shiny I say grab a can of it.

Take it easy.


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4 comments on “Switchblade Deluxe Pomade

  1. Oz says:

    Where were you able to find a can?

  2. TO says:

    I used to get my hair done by the guy that made the stuff and it’s long gone, which is a shame.

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