Chrome Perfect Comb Hair Dressing

Hey guys, so today I’m following up the Knucklehead Brand pomade “Switchblade” with their hair dressing “Chrome.” Usually I start with the lighter first, but I got a couple requests for Switchblade so I used that one first. This one is also discontinued like its counterpart, so it’ll be hard to find if you guys go looking for it, just to prepare you.


Just like their other product, this one comes in a mini paint can as well. I really dig this style of container, they’re very unique. It’s got the same style of labeling. A wrap around label and a lid label. This one is kind of a charcoal/purple-ish grey and has Chrome in some really cool block letters that are colored to look like a chromed out car bumper. Underneath that it says “Perfect Comb Hair Dressing” and above it says “For ‘Slick, Shiny’ Hair.” And the lid label is the same thing except it has a chevron right above Chrome.


And like Switchblade you need a coin to pry open the tin. Once you open it you see a light shiny dressing almost exactly the same color as Vaseline. That kind of yellowish white petroleum jelly. The smell of this stuff is exactly like its name, it has a metallic scent to it. Kind of like a metal working shop or the metal pipe section at your local hardware store.


Scooping it out I immediately noticed I won’t be able I get any hold with this stuff. It’s really really soft. Definitely one of the softest I’ve seen yet. Rubbing it in my hands made it even softer, it became almost oily when I did. Like if you were to mix Royal Crown dressing and an oil hair tonic together, that consistency.

When I ran my hands through my hair it was really easy to get this stuff moved around in my hair. It was almost as easy as running my hands through my hair when it’s dry. I was able to keep pulling it forward, pushing it back and moving it around without hardly any resistance. Combing it was the same thing, just super easy to work around in all directions. Not very much resistance to it, even when I used the fine-tooth end of my comb.


Styling my hair was kind of Simple Simon for me. I knew I wasn’t going to get any hold so I just combed it over. I did slick it back first then started from the back pulling it to the side to try and get a little height. Which I was able to get a little more than an inch in height but it didn’t stay that high all day. It kind of slumped toward the end of the day. This dressing is easily recombable too, I did about 10 recombs throughout the day. And it don’t breakdown or fluff my hair up or anything.


The label on this stuff wasn’t kidding, this stuff makes your hair slick and shiny. It’s very slick and greasy with lots and lots of shine. The shine is really great, making this stuff is one of the better toppers I’ve seen.

Overall I love the shine of this stuff, but the hold is lacking. So I can say I probably won’t ever use this stuff on its own again. Unless, I don’t want hold and just want my hair to be really shiny and almost have that “wet” look to it. So you cats that always use a base and topper this stuff would be a perfect fit. I only do that every once-in-a-while, which for me, this pomade isn’t the best fit. However, I will more than likely use this stuff again in the future. Just as a topper most likely.

Stay greasy guys!


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  1. says:

    He there I was impressed by your review. I make knucklehead brand. I am not shutdown just on hiatus for six months while I tour w a band and make a record with
    Another. I will be in NYC for six months and then be setting up shop in Texas. I will send yo an email when I’m at my computer. I will have allot of new products by next fall. Thanks again. You appear to be awesome.


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