So after a few requests for this pomade and using a really light pomade yesterday. I put in some Groom & Clean last night and degreased my hair completely. This morning I pulled out Hair-Rep to grease up with. I’ve heard some good stuff about this pomade and have wanted to try it for a little while now.


Pretty cool container, yup another mini paint can! This one is a little larger than the Knucklehead Brand cans were, only slightly though. This one only has the label on the sides this time, but it’s not a label it’s painted on the metal itself. It’s a white background with a black square centered on the front of the can that says “Hair-Rep” and gives the weights and the company name. Now this company, Belva Manufacturing Company is a division of the same company that makes Royal Crown and Blue Magic. J Strickland & Co. On the right side of the can it says “This is an all-purpose hair beautifier.” and on the left side says “Madam Belva’s Prepared Hair-Rep Made in U.S.A.” The lid is a nice fire-engine red which gives this tin a nice pop. Especially since there are some of the words printed in red ink.


Opening it up, you guessed it, you need a coin or something to pry the lid off. Who would’ve think it, haha just joshin’ ya. This stuff looks a lot like Chrome and Royal Crown Hair Dressing. But this pomade is a nice white color and is very shiny in the can. I have a sneaking suspicion its not going to have much hold to it. Just based on how it’s looking in the can.


Scooping it out confirmed my suspicions, this stuff is the softest grease I’ve ever felt. Literally, softer than Royal Crown, Chrome or Levin’s Super Soft. It has a super greasy consistency and texture to it. The smell is kinda similar to chrome, but also jasmine or orchid flower smell too. Pretty decent smell.

Putting it my hair was exactly like Levin’s, just really easy to work around. It was so soft to the point where I could only use a comb with fine teeth to actually be able to work around decently. It’s very malleable and the wide tooth end of combs just doesn’t work with this stuff. It’s just way too soft and greasy.


So like with Chrome, I just combed it back/over, because there was just no way I was getting any height with it. This is by far the oiliest, greasiest pomade I’ve come across. I mean after rubbing it between my palms it just turned into oil basically. Even putting it into my hair pretty damp, I couldn’t style anything but a slickback or combover. It does have amazing shine to it tho! It would make a killer top coat. However, I personally didn’t like the way it made my hair look and feel on its own. So as soon as I got back up to the hotel I immediately degreased. This is one that just isn’t for me, I will keep it around to use as a topper tho.

For you guys that love shiny stuff and rock slickbacks all the time this is perfect! Or if you’re looking for some awesome shine to go with your pomade that gives you the hold, also a great fit. So if you like the wet look to your hair and you like the greasy stuff, go grab a can of this stuff. It’ll definitely grease you up!

Stay slick fellas

– JC

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