Black Jack Pomade Death Grip

Hey guys, today I’m checking out a pomade I’ve been wanting to try for a while now, Black Jack Pomade. I am starting with their Death Grip which is now their 21. They also have 13 and a Top Coat, but I have really been wanting to try their Death Grip.

I contacted Mike over at Black Jack and I ordered everything they carry. I sent him a tin of my Atomic Pomade and he sent me an extra tin of the 21 with a Death Grip sticker so I could have a tin with the original label on it. I wanted it strictly for my collection.


It comes in the very familiar 4oz shallow tin with a label on the lid and a label on the bottom of the tin. It’s just the standard stainless steel tin. The label is a bright white label with a zombie arm coming up out of a grave holding a pocket comb. On either side of the arm it says “Death Grip” above the arm it says “Black Jack” below it says “Pomade.” On the bottom label there is a long blurb about what it may contain, he wrote some funny stuff on there, then it lists their contact info. At the very bottom it says “It’s easy bein’ greasy with Black Jack”


Opening it up you see a bright white waxy pomade. It’s almost as white as the label, it’s definitely the whitest pomade I’ve seen so far! It has a nice matte finish to the pomade. And the smell is very fresh and clean. Totally smells like men’s grooming products, no sweet hint to it at all or floral just a fresh, soapy, manly scent. The ladies will love it!


Scooping it out was really difficult at first. Trying to break the surface was probably the most difficult pomade I’ve had yet. Once I finally broke through the surface it was actually like a medium pomade in texture. And it softened up quite a bit when I rubbed it between my palms.


Putting it in my hair was about like a medium pomade. It all came off my hands really well and coated my hair pretty evenly. I was able to comb it around very easily as well. The more I combed it the softer it got tho. And when I started to form my pomp it kind of regained its hold, which was awesome.


I was able to get some decent height with this stuff even tho my hair was kind of soft. It left my hair nice a fluffy as well and it held really nice. Now it didn’t have a rigid hold, it let my pomp fall a little to the side. I also had a little trouble taming the crown of my head with this pomade. On a nice note this stuff is really shiny! Which is really surprising to me because of the matte look it had in the tin, but it’s a nice surprise. So you’ll get some decent hold with this stuff and a nice sheen to your hair. Win win in my book.


Overall I gotta say I’m glad I contacted Mike and got his products. He definitely has a winner with this pomade. Plus I got a lot of compliments on the smell of my hair throughout the day. As I knew they would, everyone loved the smell of it.

Go over to his website and check him out! While you’re there grab some of his pomade. You will definitely be pleased with the line Mike has going over there at Black Jack Pomade.

Catch you guys later


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