Softee – Herbal • Gro

On the last day of my trip I used Softee’s Herbal • Gro. I found it at local grocery store out in Atlanta. After the corporate dinner I threw in some Groom & Clean to get the grease out of my hair to have a fresh start for this stuff.


It comes in a 5oz clear plastic tub with a black screw top lid. The label is a clear sticker with black writing. On the front it says “Softee Herbal • Gro Herbal Formula” and “Maximum Strength.” It’s fortified with vitamins A, D, and E to maintain a healthy scalp and hair, and prevents dry hair and split ends according to the label. It also says “More Value” in a string across the top of the label.


Opening it up you see the nice green colored pomade. It’s really really shiny so I know it’s going to give my hair high sheen! And this stuff smells like jolly ranchers. The watermelon kind and the green apple kind. Definitely one of my favorite smells from a pomade so far! Reminds me of when I was a kid and addicted to watermelon jolly ranchers.


Scooping it out it’s not as soft as I thought I would be by looking at it. It actually scoops out more like a medium pomade. The consistency is similar to Electric Grease. Once I worked it in my hands it softened up quite a bit tho. It became really greasy/oily after I rubbed my hands together.

When I ran my hands through my hair it kind of hardened back up a little bit. Not as hard as when I scooped it out though. It went in really smoothly and coated my hair pretty evenly. It kind of combed more like a hair dressing than a medium pomade.


Now I was super tired because I had to get up really early for my flight so I didn’t really try to form a tall pomp. I just kind of combed it back then over and pulled it up a little bit. I probably shouldn’t have been lazy, so I will have to revisit this stuff and see how much hold I can get with this stuff. I know I could’ve gotten more height than I did, but I was too tired and rushed to try. It does have some decent hold to it I thought.


You can easily see how shiny this stuff makes your hair. Man I love it when my hair is really vibrant like that! The smell is also really strong in my hair. Not as strong as Sweet Georgia Brown, but it still has a strong scent. I got a few compliments at the airport on my hairs smell and shine. I love it when random people comment on my hair.

I fell asleep on the plane and my hair got all jacked up and out of whack. I pulled out my greasy back pocket comb and worked my hair around. As messed up as my hair was I could still comb it back into place. That makes me like this pomade even more! This stuff maintains its hold all day too, along with being recombable. Definitely a winner in my mind.

If any of you want to try this stuff out, and I recommend you do, head over to your local grocery store to look for it. If you can’t find it there, go pick some up off their website.

Stay slick guys


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6 comments on “Softee – Herbal • Gro

  1. Society's Disposable Son says:

    Just picked this up from my local Fred Meyer’s up in WA state for $1.49. Heck of a deal and works just as well as you’ve described. Keep up the reviews!

  2. jchmotox57 says:

    Hey thanks man. I definitely liked this stuff and I used it a second time and actually got some decent height with it the second time. About as muh as you can get with Royal Crown Pomade or Murray’s Super Light. Try their Inian Hemp and their Coconut Oil ones they’re great too!

  3. Society's Disposable Son says:

    Total noob question, but as a general rule do waxy pomades tend to flake if put in damp hair? Do you put that stuff in completely dry? I’m trying to weight if those types are something I want to spend money on…

    Also, I have to say day 2 of the Softee I was not thinking it would be that great for hold, but I’m impressed. I was out in some serious rain (wa state right?) and some 40mph wind and this stuff held up on it’s own, granted I don’t pomp just a side part with some height in the front. Barely a hair out of place.

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Um not all waxy pomades do but some do flake. I’ve noticed that about 70/30 don’t/do flake on me when I put them in wet hair. Just use a blow drier to melt the wax pieces into your hair or use a fine toothed comb to comb them out of your hair.

      As far as the Softee, that’s awesome! I rock a side part combover with about 1 1/2″ in the front every once in a while. I think it looks sharp! Glad you liked that stuff, and try some of their other stuff they’re a good company!

      • Society's Disposable Son says:

        Just for a reference would consider this stuff light or medium?

      • jchmotox57 says:

        I’m gona say it’s on the light end of the medium spectrum, but not quite a light pomade. Royal Crown hair dressing or Hair Rep or Levin’s Super Soft or Chrome would be the light pomades.

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