Steel Toe Pomade

Alright guys, today I’m reviewing a pomade I’ve been using for a while but was out of for a couple months. It’s Steel Toe Pomade. This pomade is an awesome homegrown pomade made by my good friend Tanner Swift. He is the vocalist of the local AZxHC band Redeemer. Probably my favorite local hardcore band and one of my favorite hardcore bands around these days. Go check them out on Facebook!!


It comes in a 4oz stainless steel slip cover tin with the one label on the lid. Very simple and sweet! It’s probably one of the coolest labels out there in my opinion. On a white label with a red ring around the edge you see a little rockabilly dude wearing some bad ass boots and sporting a nice pomp. On either side of him are some old school Americana style anchors. And above him it says “Steel Toe” below him it has “Pomade.” Like I said short and sweet, but really badass at the same time! Also a cool little tidbit, Tanner drew up this label himself.


Opening the can up you see a nice cream colored pomade. It’s got mostly a matte finish, but shines a little bit. Just by the look of this pomade you can see it is a waxy pomade and should have some good hold to it. The smell of this stuff is just amazing. It is kind of similar to a spiced rum but has a little bit of mint in there as well. Now those two smells compliment each other so well in this pomade, it’s really a great smelling pomade!


Scooping it out you’re grabbing a nice waxy and petro pomade. I really like the consistency of this pomade, it’s kind of similar to Dax’s Green and Gold, or Gasoline Grease, or Schmiere’s Hart. And it doesn’t lose it’s consistency or become softer in your palms like some pomades do. It retains it’s consistency for the most part, which is nice for me.

Putting it in your hair it comes off your hands fairly easily and coats your hair nice and evenly. It combs through a lot easier than you would think being a waxy pomade, but it combs around easier than green and gold or Schmiere. The smell also gets nice and strong in your hair like Sweet Georgia Brown does.


When I was forming my pomp though it combs more like a medium pomade and allows you to form really easily and quickly. With this pomade I can get my pomp done in less than 5 minutes. How awesome is that?! You’re in a hurry and gotta comb something quick, this stuff is perfect for that.

You can see I got some nice height to it and it looks really great in my hair. And it makes my hair look really good. My hair looks nice and full bodied with this pomade in it. It’s also really great at taming cowlicks and flyaways. The only thing that this pomade doesn’t do or have to it is a lot of shine. It does have a slight matte sheen to it, but it’s not super shiny. They don’t make top coats for nothing and this pomade works great with toppers. Anytime I wear this pomade I get lots of compliments on the look and smell of my hair.


Overall, this is for sure one of my favorites, if not my favorite pomade. It’s got a great smell to it, awesome consistency, doesn’t soften up in your hands too much, holds great, tames unruly hairs, lasts all day(hold and smell), is recombable and makes your hair look really good! Plus, it has a really cool label on it and makes a nice aesthetic addition to a collection.

So if you don’t have a tin of this stuff already, go grab one as soon as you can! You won’t regret it, this is one of the best pomades out there in my opinion. You can get it from;
And I think soon it will also be on another site. Once it’s up on that site too I will post which one.

*Update! I now own this brand and make this pomade. So you can pick it up on my etsy shop! And stay tuned for new Steel Toe products coming soon!!!

Til next time


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