I’m kind of on a home brew kick right now. So to follow up Dapper Devil Pomade, I’m going with another home brew. I decided to wear this one on Thanksgiving. This one is made by another avid ATP member. It’s Pompking, made by Hector Tapia. However this home brew is in a class of its own. It’s an all natural and petro free pomade. The only other petro free pomade I’ve come across is Bees Knees. Maybe this one will be like those pomades, maybe not. We’ll soon see.


This one comes in an awesome 4oz shallow tin. It’s black like the one Grim Grease came in. I really like these tins a lot! They really stand out in a collection. This one also just has the one lid label, like most home brews do. And this label is really badass! It’s a solid black background and has a jack-o-lantern with a pomp instead of a stem. And underneath the pumpkin it has “Pompking” in some cool blood dripping font! Or is it oozing font? Either or I guess, I lean more toward ooze since it’s orange. Like I said, bad ass label! Very psychobilly/ Halloween. Two of my favorites!


Opening it up you see a waxy yellowish pomade. It looks like a yellow version of Grim Grease. I wonder of it’s going to be as difficult to get out of the tin. The smell on this one is one of the most unique smells I’ve come across so far. It’s almost exactly like pumpkin pie! Can’t wait to get this in my hair, I’m gona smell like Thanksgiving. Which is why I am wearing it on Thanksgiving day.


Scooping this stuff out was just as hard if not harder than Grim Grease or Schmiere knupplehart. I thought I was going to bend the tin it was so difficult to get out. Once I got the first half of a finger out and broke the surface it was a lot easier to get out of the tin. Very very waxy pomade, not Bees Knees waxy though. It’s a whole different game.

When I worked this pomade into my palms it kind of gummed up and turned into a candle in my hands. Dang! How am I going to get this stuff into my hair and off my hands? It was almost like you poured hot wax in your palms and you rubbed them together and it dried. I’ve never had a pomade do that before. First time for everything though right?


Luckily, it came off my hands fairly easily. It did want to stick more in the front and on top of my hair. I had to add more to the back side of my hairs and the sides. For me, this stuff went in about like Murray’s Superior. Kind of hard to comb in and it pulled some of my hairs out. However, it wasn’t quite as hard to comb through as Murray’s or Scurl’s wave control.


Once I got the first few combs in, it began to be easier to work around. And damn this stuff will hold your hair high! I got it to stand up, albeit my hair was thin looking, but still, like 7-8 inches!! I didn’t keep it that high cause my hairs not thick enough for it to look good. I just went with about a 4-5 inch pomp, but this stuff will hold taller than that!


It seemed to hold pretty good all day except for a few things. It softened up a bit and allowed my cowlick to show and it didn’t tame all my little hairs all day long. They started to stick out toward the end of the day. This stuff is recombable though, which kind of erases the fact that the hairs popped out. I was able to just comb them right back into place.

Overall, it isn’t a bad pomade. There are pluses and minuses to it. Hector and I talked back and forth a lot while he was formulating this pomade, he asked me numerous questions about it and the brewing process. And I know at first he had a hard time with it being like a candle, but after I gave him pointers and helped him with the process he got it worked out. He’s got a good strong holding pomade on his hands. And I know a lot of you guys like strong hold pomades so I’d recommend this one for you guys. Plus for you collectors this tin makes a badass addition! So go pick up a tin from him if this stuff is up your alley. You can get it from their Facebook page;

Until next time boils and ghouls


Dapper Devil Pomade

Hey guys, hope all of you had a great thanksgiving!! After gorging myself on some tasty grindage, I decided I needed to get back to writing. So today’s pomade is a home brew by a frequent ATP member. It’s Dapper Devil Pomade made by Fernando Delaserna.


This one comes in a 4oz stainless steel, slip cover tin. It only has the lid label, which isn’t like your average label. This one is a bit smaller than the average ones you see on tins. About the size of a 50ยข piece, it is a tan label with a white border. For the design, it has a little kid devil in the center holding a pitch fork and sportin a full, rounded pomp. Above him the label reads “Dapper Devil,” below him “Pomade” and “handmade in the USA.” On either side of him there are solid black, five pointed stars. I dig the simplicity and, therefore awesomeness of this label!!


Opening it up you see an nice yellow petro and waxy pomade. Just by the look of it, it seems to be a medium weight pomade. However it could be a hard hold, I’ve had a few lately that look like this, but are a pain to get out of the tin and hold really well. The smell of this pomade is simply awesome. Straight lemon heads candy!!! It brought me back to being a kid at the ice cream truck, getting my goods from the ice cream man!


Scooping the pomade out was easy. I was right about it being a medium weight pomade with a little bit of a waxy texture to it. It’s not as greasy as most medium pomades though, which I find kind of nice. It’s a change up from the norm. The smell of this pomade gets stronger once you get it out of the tin too!

Putting it in my hair was more like using a heavier pomade. I think it’s mostly because of the wax. Now it wasn’t hard to get into my hair by any means, it just wasn’t like putting in a medium greasy pomade. Once I got it into my hair, it combed around just about like a light pomade does. I did start to wonder how the hold with this one would be.


I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that this stuff holds really well. I was able to get a nice rounded and medium height pomp with this pomade. When I first formed my front I got it to stand a couple inches taller than this, but decided on a shorter pomp for today. This stuff will hold a taller pomp though.

This stuff does have a bit of shine to it as well. Not a whole lot but it does have some which is nice! The only thing I did find I didn’t really like about this one is that it didn’t tame my little hairs and my cowlick in the back of my head. It may just be that my hair is at a weird length. People kept commenting on my hairs smell all day long. I did get mostly “lemonade” from people though, only my boss said “lemon heads” like I did.


So overall I strongly recommend grabbing a tin of this stuff from Fernando! It’s a great pomade, hold, texture, and smell. And this one is easily recombable which is always important to me. I always find a way to mess up my hair throughout the day so I gotta have that recombability to a pomade. And this one is easily reworkable.

You can find it on their Facebook page which is;
And it’s definitely worth checking out, plus it makes an awesome addition to a collection.

Keep greasin guys


Bona Fide

Check it out guys, I got my hands on a very new water based pomade. I have been having some pretty good luck with them so far, so I decided to try another one out. In the past they just didn’t work for me for various reasons. However I’ve found some nice ones recently. This new one comes out of the OC. It’s Bona Fide Pomade. Bad ass name for a pomade if you ask me!!


It comes in a black plastic tub with a screw top lid. It has a full wrap around label and a lid label. The label on this one is really really cool! Also very simple and to the point. It has “Bona Fide Pomade” in the center and “superior hold” below that. Above the name it has two switchblade combs crossed with a crown in the top space, “b” and “f” in the left and right spaces, and “p” in the bottom space. On the side label it has the name on either side and the product information, ingredients/weight/website/made in USA, in between them.


Opening it up you see what appears to be an amber colored pomade. It looks like your average water based pomade in the tub. The smell on this one is different from any other water based tho. It has a nice shampoo/”fresh out of the shower” smell to it!! I love when pomades smell like that! I love the sweet and spicy smells too, but clean smells are awesome!!


Scooping it out was like Monkey Brains or Tres Flores molding pomade. However, this stuff isn’t amber colored. It’s more a light yellow, almost the same color as Tres Flores. It spread in my palms like most water based pomades do, keeping its consistency and sticking to my hands nicely. And the scent got a little stronger when I rubbed my hands together.

Putting it in my hair was way different though! It went in like a hair dressing or light cream does. Total unexpected greatness! I’m used to them kind of sticking to my hair and having to comb it in a bit. Not this stuff, it was like butter! It combed super easy and nicely!


So once I noticed how easy it went in and combed, I got a little worried it might not hold that much. Nope. It holds just as good as any other water based! I got some decent height to hair and I was able to keep it rounded. I’m starting to really dig this pomade. It also kept my cowlicks nice and straight, while holding all the little hairs that like to stick out everywhere in place as well.


I noticed something really awesome about this pomade when I was combing it around. This stuff is shinier than a grease!!! I know, hard to believe, but look how shiny my hair is! It looks like I put a palm full of Royal Crown Hair Dressing or an oil tonic in it! I am loving this pomade now! Hopefully it holds all day and stays shiny all day.


After a day of work and dinner I noticed my hair hadn’t moved and stayed nice and shiny. This stuff did kind of gum up on me after a few hours though, but I was able to break it up easily with my hands. I tried, just for kicks, to comb my hair. So I slicked it all the way back and tried to put it back where it was before. To my surprise it was recombable!! Holy smokes this is one damn great pomade!!!!

You guys need to head over to their website and pick up a tub ASAP.
This stuff is very reasonably priced and worth every darn penny you will spend on it!

Totally didn’t expect this stuff to perform this well at all. Damn!! These guys really did their homework and put out a really great pomade. Great, great product!

Well, til the next one!


Great news

So I got a comment from the guy that owns knucklehead brand on my Chrome review. So what’s the great news you’re asking? Knucklehead brand is going to continue making Chrome and other products and some new stuff will be coming out from them soon!! So stay tuned for their new products!!! I’m really stoked about this.

Keep it greasy guys!


White Rose Petroleum Jelly

Alright! After a week of water based and waxy products I am going to be getting back to some grease! I’ve missed my grease, and I think my hair has too. I got a request for this one from one of the guys on the Addicted to Pomade page. It’s White Rose Petroleum Jelly. And this stuff has been around for a while, “since 1936” is what I found most common.


It is a division of J. Strickland & Co. So it comes in their badass pomade container. It’s a tin bottom, cardboard sides and a tin top. The top of this on is stamped like Royal Crown Hair Dressing. It looks really cool when they stamp the lids like that. This one isn’t the standard red they they put out for their other pomades though. This one is blue, royal blue.


It has a white rose on the center of the front and has “White Rose, 100% Pure, all purpose, petroleum jelly and net wt 5oz (142g)” on the front. On the side it has a little blurb about its various uses and the directions, along with the company info. The lid stamp reads “White Rose Petroleum Jelly” around a rose that has “white” underneath it.


Opening it up you see an aerated jelly that looks more like Royal Crown Pomade than petroleum jelly. And it is whiter than regular petroleum jelly, hence the name. Now this stuff has no scent whatsoever. I mean not anything. Which could be a great thing when using it as a topper with a strong scented base.


Scooping it out was just as I thought it would be. After all, it is 100% petroleum jelly. And when I rubbed my palms together it surprisingly didn’t soften up. This stuff holds up better than Vaseline does. I’m really liking it and hoping it will hold my hair nicely.

Putting it in my hair was very easy. About as easy as Royal Crown Hair Dressing does. It did want to stay on the top of my hair and not work into my hair at first. But with some combing it all went in and coated my hair nicely. It combs about like any really light pomade or hair dressing does.


It was most certainly recombable. I didn’t have to recomb at all, but I did recomb my hair when I got home just to check it out for reviews sake. I was able to style it a few different ways then return it to it original style without any problems at all. And the shine of this stuff held strong all day as well! And it is really shiny, I love it!!


I’m definitely glad I got a request for this one and bought some to try out! Not only for it’s pomade abilities, but I can use it for all kinds of stuff. Including my diaper rash. Just joshin’ ya, my kid’s the one with that problem.

So, if you guys like toppers or pomades good for slickin that do back, go grab yourselves a tin of this stuff it’s pretty awesome! I found it on eBay, but I know it’s on pomade-shop. You can also find the info on it off of J. Strickland & Co.’s website but you can’t buy any of their products from there for some reason. You can only look up distributors. Anyway….

Til the next one!

Layrite Super Shine

Hey fellas, today it’s back to a water based/soluble product. This one is a brand new, hot off the presses pomade. It’s by Layrite and it’s their new Super Shine. Now most water based products don’t really have any shine to them so we’ll see how this one does.


It comes in a 4oz white plastic tub with a screw top lid. Same as their regular and super hold. It has the same style labeling, one lid label, one wrap around label. This one is red and had just one girl on it, but she’s the center of the design. It says “Layrite” across her and above the barber pole it says “hy-sheen.” On the front of the tub it has a cross design and in the center of that is her and the writing, basically the lid design. Around the edge of the lid it has a gold banner that reads “water soluble – scientifically formulated to hold like wax, yet, wash out like a gel!” It also has the directions and ingredients on the sides of the tub.


Opening it up you see an orange, creamy, pudding like pomade. It’s pretty shiny in the tub so hopefully that shine will stay when it’s in my hair. The scent of this stuff is very odd, but definitely in a good way! It reminds me of erasers and an orange cream smoothie. Because it has that water based chemical smell to it, but it is also sweet and fruity at the same time. I actually really like the smell of this one a lot.


Scooping it out was WAY different than any water based pomade I’ve used so far! And I mean way different!! It’s almost exactly like creamy peanut butter, only slightly softer and more sticky. Not more tacky, but it sticks to your finger more. Like pudding or brownie batter does. It’s a really odd texture.

It feels even weirder in my palms. Definitely the most unique pomade I’ve used, as far as texture goes. It didn’t soften up or anything and it stayed shiny in my palms as well.


Putting in my hair was surprisingly a lot like a light grease. I figured with its texture it would be kind of sticky and maybe streak in my hair. However it did the opposite, it went in like a light grease does. And it combed around about as easy as a cream does.

Another thing that surprised me was the hold this stuff has. Being so soft in my hair I didn’t expect much hold but it actually has medium hold. I was able to sculpt a 3-4″ pomp and keep it pretty rounded. This stuff makes my hair look really good too, holy crap. I did not expect this stuff to perform this way!


And this stuff is shiny!!! You can’t see it that much in the picture, but it’s just as shiny as any grease out there! Damn I really love this product! It’s definitely my new favorite water based and has made it into my top 10-15 pomades; out of both wb, pb, creams etc etc. Another great thing about this pomade is that you can recomb it multiple times throughout the day. And it doesn’t lose its hold or anything like that.

Overall, this is one damn good pomade. Especially being a water based one. Usually I stay away from those, but I’m sure glad I tried this one out!! I had been using this product since I got back from my trip. Big thanks to Mike Clem over at Layrite for telling me about this and hooking me up with a tub!

Head over to their website;
and pick up a tub of this stuff!!! This is definitely a pomade you must check out. You won’t regret it, absolutely worth every penny!

Keep it greasy guys


DAX Hair Shaper

Hey guys, I am checking out another DAX product today. However, I’m going with a less prevalent one. I am using their Hair Shaper this time. I contacted their GM Don when he was getting some hybrids made for me. I talked to him about this one, because I loved their Super Neat so much. And I decided to try it out once I found out they will only have it in the metal tin for a short while longer then it’s going in a plastic tub. I’m more of a tin kind of kid, and I try to avoid the plastic tubs if possible. I just like them better in my collection.


This one comes in their standard tin. However this one isn’t colored, it’s just stainless steel with some writing on it. I really dig it!! The writing on it is in red, fire engine red. This one also has the directions and a little blurb about the product on the side of the tin along with the name. And the ingredients and company info are on the bottom of this one as well.


Opening it up you’re met with a bright white product. At first glance it looks like a cream, looking closer it looks more like a paste. The white of this one isn’t quite as bright as the Lucky 13 cream, but it’s still really white, not an off white color. The scent of this one is a nice fresh smell. It smells like Vaseline lotion does to me. Or a fragrance free lotion.


Grabbing some out of the tin was a little different than I had expected. It was like a cream and a paste combined. It had the texture of a medium paste to it. Once I put the Shaper in my palms it had more of a cream texture to it. It didn’t soften up a whole lot, but it became closer to a cream.

Putting in my hair was a breeze! it went in just as easy as any cream I’ve used. It combed around nicely as well. It did kind of leave some small streaks where there was more of it in certain spots of my hair. They did comb right in with only a couple passes with my comb however. Really easy to comb in your hair, even with a fine toothed comb.


I was able to get some ok height with this stuff. I think it’s best as more of a low profile product though. It doesn’t make my hair puffy or give it too much volume which is nice. It wasn’t the best at taming the little hairs unfortunately. I seem to have a couple dozen that love to stick out around my hair line and part. This product did tame my cowlicks. That’s important to me when finding a regular use product, only because I have so many cowlicks that I need something to tame them all. And this stuff did that very well, despite it’s lighter texture.


It holds nicely all day as well. It only broke down a little bit toward the right side of the front of my hair after the entire day. And this stuff doesn’t really harden up either which I love. I did wet comb the back, right side of my head and that one small area gummed up slightly, but it didn’t harden. I really liked how this one made my hair feel from start to finish. It also washes out of our hair with just water. So it’s great if you need something that comes out easily and isn’t greasy. The only thing I really wished this stuff did do was make my hair shiny, but this one didn’t have any shine to it. No big deal I can add a topper to it if I want.

I would definitely recommend grabbing some of this stuff from the guys over at DAX. It’s landed a spot in my top 5 products by them for sure! If you want to try this product or anything else they have over at DAX, head over to their website;
and pick some stuff up! They’ll take great care of you.

Til the next one,