Johnny B. Street Cream

Sup fellas! I have been wanting to try Johnny B’s pomades for a long time now but didn’t know where I could buy trial sizes or samples or even large cans of the stuff. So I googled and found their website and emailed them about buying some samples from them. I got an email back from Socrates their project manager. A little while later I received my samples and a badass Johnny B t-shirt.

I am starting the Johnny B line with their street cream. It seems like it will be the lightest out of the line and I’ve had some pretty good luck with hair creams lately and thought it would be the best place to start.


It comes in a clear plastic container with a black screw top lid and one label on the lid. The label is a crimson red circular label with black and silver writing. There’s a little Latin looking gentleman with a pencil mustache and a nice looking pomp in black ink. Below him it says “Johnny B authentic hair” in silver ink, below that it has “street cream” in black ink. The last things on this label are in silverish white ink and they read “adds shine; never sticky; holds any style.” Man I gotta say I’m stoked for a hair cream that adds shine!! Most of them leave your hair with a matte look. This label is not a bad label at all. Kind of short and simple, very classic. I dig it.


Opening it up you see…..dunh dada daaaa… cream! But, it doesn’t look like the hair creams I’ve seen so far, it is a little thicker and a banana pudding yellow. The photo doesn’t show the brightness of the yellow, sorry. Which, in my opinion, is a nice change up from the standard white. Not knocking the white, I love the bright white creams, it’s just nice to see another color. Now the scent was hard for me to place, at first it smelled like barbasol shaving cream, then it smelled a little like this banana papaya lotion my mom has. Either way it’s a nice fresh smell!


Scooping it out was like I had expected, a nice thick hair cream. When I first dug in it reminded me of Greek yogurt. I know kind of weird reference, but thats really what it reminded me of. Once I rubbed it in my palms it softened up at first then got back to its consistency.

Putting it my hair was different than I thought it was going to be. My hair soaked this stuff up really quick! I had to dip back in to get the backside of my hair and the sides of my head. It coated my hair nicely, it just soaked into my hair really fast. This stuff doesn’t streak either, like the Murray’s cream beeswax did.


When I was combing it, it didn’t comb like a cream it combed more like a medium pomade. Definitely didn’t expect that, but it’s cool. I was also able to get some height and a nice rounded pomp going with this stuff. This cream also made my hair really fluffy and didn’t tame the little flyaways that well. You can see a few around my part and a few on the right side if my head.


This stuff holds nicely all day long though. I was out running errands and then went to work for 8 hours and it held the whole time. It does harden a little bit kind of like a hairspray or gel does, which I’m not that fond of. But it’s still a decent hair cream and it holds really nicely. I also noticed that this cream doesn’t have any shine to it despite the “adds shine” on the label. Oh well, not a huge deal, but I was excited for a shiny hair cream.

All in all, gotta say I dig this cream quite a bit. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that it hardens up, and therefore, isn’t recombable. But if you guys don’t mind that, definitely go get a tub of this stuff, it’s worth it.

You can check out this and their other products at their site
Big thanks to Socrates for hooking me up with this cool hair cream and all the other pomades!

Until next time fellas!



2 comments on “Johnny B. Street Cream

  1. Saji says:

    I have to know ab’t this creem?

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