Johnny B. Original

Alright, the next installment of the Johnny B. line is their Original pomade. This one seems like it’s going to be the next step up in hold. I almost went with their molding paste, but it looks even stronger than their Xtra Hold.


This one comes in the same container, a plastic tub with a black screw top lid. The label on this one is the same design and says the same things. Except this one has “Original” in place of “Street Cream” and this label is silver with black and light blue inks. The little dude and “Original” are in the blue ink and everything under that is in black ink.


Opening it up this time you see a nice deep purple greasy pomade. My camera for some reason doesn’t show the true color of pomades, sorry about that guys. But it is a nice vibrant dark purple. And this one is shiny in the tub like the hair cream was, so hopefully this one won’t be a matte finish. I don’t mind the matte look, but you know I love some shine to my hair more! The scent on this one is almost identical to hand soap. Very clean, fresh smell to it.


Scooping it out was a lot like Blue Magic Pressing Oil! A really great light and greasy pomade. And it was really greasy when I worked it into my hands. Plus the scent got even stronger once I got it out of the tub. It didn’t soften up too much in my hands which was good. I knew that I would still get some decent hold with this stuff.

Putting in my hair was a lot like Blue Magic, but my hair soaked it up like it did with the Street Cream. Really weird, I’ve never had stuff soak into my hair like these products. It kind of perplexes me to see my hair react with pomades like this. It’s not bad, just different. It did coat my hair pretty evenly, but I did have to comb it around a little more than the last one. It combed through and around very nicely as well.


I was able to get a little height with this pomade. It’s on the lighter end of the medium spectrum, but does hold pretty good. It holds almost exactly like Black & White’s lite formula. And this stuff is really shiny!!! Yes! I love when my hair has gloss to it. I’m really glad this one had some shine to it.


The smell of this pomade stayed nice and potent all day long too. I got a few compliments at work while using this pomade. It does hold your hair in place all day as well. I did mess my hair up when I was playing with my boy in his car seat though. And all I had to do was run a comb through a few times and it was back to where it was before I messed it up. I’m liking this pomade even more!

After reviewing this pomade I think I really like it a lot. It’s got a great smell, some hold to it, high sheen, holds all day and is recombable. It also pretty much all came out while I was sleeping each night. I don’t know what to make of that, but at least if I want to try something new after using this pomade, I don’t have to degrease. So I strongly suggest heading over to
and grabbing a tub of this stuff if you like the lighter greasy pomades. It is definitely a pomade worth getting your mitts on. This one would probably work great as a topper as well since it’s not too heavy and has great shine to it.

Til the next one,


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