Johnny B. Xtra Hold

Hey guys the follow up to Johnny B’s Original is their Xtra Hold. This one should be the next one in terms of hold.


This one comes in the same packaging as the others with the clear tub and black screw top lid. It also has the same type of label on the lid. And it has “Xtra Hold” in place of “Original” underneath Johnny B. This one is basically a negative of their Original with a light blue background and silver and black ink. The little dude and “Xtra Hold” are both in white ink and the other lines are in black like the Original.


Opening this one up you see a nice blue pomade with more of a matte finish than the last two. It has a slight shine to it but not as much as the Original or the Street Cream. The smell of this one is similar to the Original. However, this one smells more like the floral soaps that chicks buy to put in the bathroom that you’re not allowed to use. You know those tiny, foofy soaps that usually match the towels you’re also not allowed to use. I never understood why they’re there if you can’t use them.


Scooping it out was tougher than the last two were. This one was tough on the surface then was nice and greasy once the surface gets broken. The scent doesn’t get stronger like the Original did when you scoop it out though. It stays about the same.


When I worked it into my hands it got really really greasy. And it softened up more than either if the last two. It’s texture was a lot like Switchblade when it was in my palms. Hopefully it will harden up more in my hair.

This pomade went in the easiest out of the three so far. It came off my hands really easily and quickly. This one didn’t soak into my hair like the last two did though. It combed in a lot like Chrome or Levin’s Super Soft. I’m starting to think that this one isn’t going to hold my hair very much.


Despite what I previously thought this pomade actually did hold fairly well. It made the front of my pomp nice and straight as well. This one tamed my waves really nicely! The front of my hair was nice and straight. I was able to get a little bit more height with this one than I did with the Original. However, this one is not as shiny as the Original. It does have some sheen to it, but not as much as their Original. It also tames all those little hairs really well, thumbs up in my book!


I got quite a few compliments on the smell of my hair with this stuff in it too! There was one thing I found that really bummed me out. As you can see in the picture below, the left side of my pomp drooped really bad. Dammit! My hair looked like this for a couple hours before I noticed it and trying to recomb it just didn’t work. It wouldn’t hold like it did when I first styled it. Total bummer, especially because I was at work and didn’t bring any pomade with me.


I have no idea why it drooped the way it did. I wasn’t out in the heat at all, or near a fan of any sort. No one messed with my hair and I didn’t bump my head on anything that could’ve messed up my hair. It did this both days I used it too. Oh well, not a huge deal. I think this one would make a good topper or a slicking pomade. So in terms of hold, for me, it held better than the last two to begin with, but faded later on in the day. I would rate this one as lesser hold than the Original, but it could’ve just been my hair. Pomades work differently for everybody.

If you like what you saw from this product and would like to grab a tub of this stuff, head on over to their website
and pick up a tub!!

One more to go!

Til then guys.


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