Johnny B. Molding Paste

Well, hello fellas! Today is the conclusion to the Johnny B line. The last one in their line of great hair products is their Molding Paste. It’s been a great run with these products. I found this picture of the dude in color on their facebook page, and he totally looks like a Latin guapo guy!


As usual this one comes in the clear plastic tub with the black lid and round label. The label on this one is lime green with black and silver ink. The background is green, the guy and “Molding Paste” are in black ink, and everything else is in silver ink.


Opening this one up you see a honeydew melon colored paste. The picture makes it look a little more pale than it truly is. You can tell this one is going to have the thickest texture to it and the most hold just by looking at it. The smell of this one makes me really want a salad. I know, I know, another one of my “out of left field” references, but it smells like cucumbers, melon and parsley with a lotiony smell to it as well.


Scooping it out you get a really nice thick paste. It got a great texture to it! And the smell gets stronger when you scoop it out of the tub. It kind if gets some sweet notes to it after you scoop it out. When you rub it between your palms it maintains it’s nice thick texture which is great. Lets me know it will hold nicely in my hair.


This one didn’t come off my palms as easy as the last three did. This one also streaked a little bit, but just a few combings and it was all worked into my hair. I didn’t even need to use water or anything to get the streaks to dissipate. It combed very nicely as well, a lot easier than the last paste I used. It’s very workable, in both your hand and hair.


I was able to get some height with it. I did notice that this one isn’t the best at taming the little hairs though. You can see a few sticking out on the side of my head in the picture. This stuff does have a little bit of shine to it despite it being a paste. It doesn’t make my hair completely straight, but this one does have some good hold to it. I got the most compliments on my hair with this one in it! Both on look and smell, even my wife liked the way my hair looked with this in it the best out of the four.


So to conclude this review and the Johnny B line, I gotta say that I like this one and the Original the best. In terms of hold (soft to hard) the way they worked for me was; Xtra Hold, Street Cream, Original, Molding Paste. Shine it goes, Street Cream, Molding Paste, Xtra Hold, Original.

Anyway I hope this and the last three reviews were helpful. And if you guys liked any of these products and want to pick up all, or some, or even just one of them. Head on over to their website;
and check it out they’ll get you taken care of proper. Great company and great products! Big thank you goes out to Socrates for getting me this stuff!!

Take it easy and keep it greasy!



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