Grim Grease

Hey guys after the Johnny B line I was itching to get some waxy stuff in my hair. So I decided on going with Grim Grease. This one is a home brew by Francisco Esquivel.


It comes in the standard 4oz shallow tin, but this one isn’t stainless steel. Well it is stainless, however, it’s coated with black paint. Really cool tin! It’s really awesome to see a different color other than the prevalent stainless or brass. It only has the single, lid label on it. You can tell this label is hand cut too. It’s a black and grey label with a rockabilly guy in the center. He’s got a pomp, a white shirt on and is lighting a cigarette. His skin is green like the ring around his picture, kind of looks like a rockabilly Hulk. Around his picture in the grey area it has “Grim Grease” and “Heavy Hold” in a ‘north south’ ‘east west’ layout. I like how similar to a compass it is.


Opening the tin up you see a really bright, neon green pomade. I mean this stuff is like Halloween neon green, very cool color! Not something you see very often, in fact, I’ve never seen this color before. By looking at it you can tell its going to be a nice waxy pomade. The scent of this one does not reflect the color at all which, in my opinion, is really cool and unique. It’s a nice subtle coconut smell with a little bit of a waxy smell too.


Scooping this pomade out, well trying to anyway, was really difficult. It was just as hard, maybe even harder, to get out of the tin as Schmiere’s knupplehart. I kind of bent the tin trying to get it out. I was able to straighten the tin back out really easily though. Rubbing it between my palms was the most difficult out of any pomade so far. It took me a while to break it all up an get it to a smooth consistency. This stuff is really waxy! It’s going to hold great!!!

Putting the pomade in my hair was really easy. It came off my hands evenly and coated my hair nicely. I put it in my hair when my hair was still a little damp and I noticed something about this pomade that I really like. This one doesn’t leave little wax flakes like the Schmiere ‘Prison Blues’ and some other pomades do. It combed through a lot easier than most waxy pomades do also. I’m starting to really dig this pomade.


You can see that this pomade can hold your hair up high! I got my front up to about 5-6 inches. I didn’t keep it that high, because I just don’t wear tall pomps like that very often. I was able to keep it about 4 inches tall all day long on Sunday and Monday. I ran around doing errands, having lunch with family, band practice and doing some yard work and it held all day. Didn’t droop, melt or anything, awesome!!


It tames almost all of the little hairs and flyaways, plus it makes your hair nice and straight. I have a few cowlicks around my forehead hair line and I have wavy hair. In the close up photo, you can see my hair is nice and straight and there are only a few hairs not in line with the rest.


I gotta say I really like this pomade quite a bit. Francisco and I chatted quite a bit while he was formulating this pomade and he asked me some questions about making pomade. I shared some of my insight from my trial and errors when making my pomades. I think he did a good job researching everything and came out with a nice pomade! On a side note, the name of this pomade came from me. When he was asking about names I told him about this one and he used it. I was really stoked he decided to use it! I think it’s an awesome name for a pomade, personally.

If you cats like waxy pomades and pomades that hold really well and that hold up to the rigors of the day. Hit up Francisco and grab a tin of this stuff! I highly recommend Grim Grease! You can find it on their Facebook page;
They also have a red version that is vanilla scented.

Keep it greasy fellas!


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2 comments on “Grim Grease

  1. Brandon says:

    Anyway to get this for non facebook users? Maybe you can contact the guy and see if he will let you pass along some contact info?

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