DAX Hair Shaper

Hey guys, I am checking out another DAX product today. However, I’m going with a less prevalent one. I am using their Hair Shaper this time. I contacted their GM Don when he was getting some hybrids made for me. I talked to him about this one, because I loved their Super Neat so much. And I decided to try it out once I found out they will only have it in the metal tin for a short while longer then it’s going in a plastic tub. I’m more of a tin kind of kid, and I try to avoid the plastic tubs if possible. I just like them better in my collection.


This one comes in their standard tin. However this one isn’t colored, it’s just stainless steel with some writing on it. I really dig it!! The writing on it is in red, fire engine red. This one also has the directions and a little blurb about the product on the side of the tin along with the name. And the ingredients and company info are on the bottom of this one as well.


Opening it up you’re met with a bright white product. At first glance it looks like a cream, looking closer it looks more like a paste. The white of this one isn’t quite as bright as the Lucky 13 cream, but it’s still really white, not an off white color. The scent of this one is a nice fresh smell. It smells like Vaseline lotion does to me. Or a fragrance free lotion.


Grabbing some out of the tin was a little different than I had expected. It was like a cream and a paste combined. It had the texture of a medium paste to it. Once I put the Shaper in my palms it had more of a cream texture to it. It didn’t soften up a whole lot, but it became closer to a cream.

Putting in my hair was a breeze! it went in just as easy as any cream I’ve used. It combed around nicely as well. It did kind of leave some small streaks where there was more of it in certain spots of my hair. They did comb right in with only a couple passes with my comb however. Really easy to comb in your hair, even with a fine toothed comb.


I was able to get some ok height with this stuff. I think it’s best as more of a low profile product though. It doesn’t make my hair puffy or give it too much volume which is nice. It wasn’t the best at taming the little hairs unfortunately. I seem to have a couple dozen that love to stick out around my hair line and part. This product did tame my cowlicks. That’s important to me when finding a regular use product, only because I have so many cowlicks that I need something to tame them all. And this stuff did that very well, despite it’s lighter texture.


It holds nicely all day as well. It only broke down a little bit toward the right side of the front of my hair after the entire day. And this stuff doesn’t really harden up either which I love. I did wet comb the back, right side of my head and that one small area gummed up slightly, but it didn’t harden. I really liked how this one made my hair feel from start to finish. It also washes out of our hair with just water. So it’s great if you need something that comes out easily and isn’t greasy. The only thing I really wished this stuff did do was make my hair shiny, but this one didn’t have any shine to it. No big deal I can add a topper to it if I want.

I would definitely recommend grabbing some of this stuff from the guys over at DAX. It’s landed a spot in my top 5 products by them for sure! If you want to try this product or anything else they have over at DAX, head over to their website;
and pick some stuff up! They’ll take great care of you.

Til the next one,



12 comments on “DAX Hair Shaper

  1. tafarel says:

    Hey JC, what is the different between hair dressing and pomade? Thank you

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Well some people say nothing. I personally think there is a difference. Hair dressings are light pomades or oil tonics that you use a little of to kind if dress up your already styled hair or that you use as toppers. Pomades are heavier and used to style your hair. However, you can use hair dressings to style your hair as well. And there are light pomades that border on the hair dressing line. So it kind of depends on you and what you think the difference is. Some people say there are a few different classes of hair pomades, there’s hair dressings, pressing oils, hair slicks, hair pomades, and hair waxes. And you’ll see those names on various pomades. But for me, hair dressings are just really light pomades or oil tonics. Hope that helps.


  2. RC says:

    Hi, I”m using DAX neat waves (orange) and I love the look, but unfortunatly it is giving me acne on my forehead (and getting worse all the time).
    I found out thet my skin doesn’t tolerates petrolatum/oil based productes… too bad.
    So I tried a watebased one, suaveecito, but find it to feel to much like a gel (it hardens and dries)
    This Dax hair shaper, is it waterbased? It kinda looks like a tough version of brylcreem to me, could you comment on this? I really need to find the right product.

    • You are having that problem because you are either not washing your face, forehead, and scalp properly, or not washing it enough. Most people that have this problem don’t wash properly and/often enough. The ingredients in pomades are good for the skin, and scalp, as well as the hair. Many of the ingredients are specifically made for the skin and/or hair, which is why they are included in the pomades. So your skin can absolutely tolerate them. You just need to wash your face and scalp properly and often enough.
      The reason Suavecito feels like a gel is because it is a gel. It’s what is referred to by the chemists that make those products as a ringing gel. The ingredients and copolymers in them make them a gel, and they way they are made resulting in the sound they make when you tap the containers makes them a “ringing” gel. Most of the products that call themselves water based pomades are actually ringing gels. They just masquerade as pomade because of marketing, it makes them sell better. They want people who use pomade to buy it, so they call it a pomade instead of what it actually is, a gel. Which is smart, look at the way they fly off shelves and who buys them… There are actually only a handful of actual water based pomades out there. I explain this in my “what is pomade” post a little more in depth if you want to read it.
      Hair Shaper is a water based product, which is why it’s in the category “water bases” and in the “water based reviews” page. It’s a hair paste. Yeah I guess you could say it’s a thicker version of Brylcreem. Most hair pastes are similar to hair creams, but have a heavier hold. And sometimes they dry and set up differently than creams do.
      I hope this helps. Good luck with finding something that works good for your hair man.


  3. Dony says:

    hey JC,what type of hair you have?straight hair or wavy hair?

    • I have wavy hair that’s kind of thick as well. It can get kind of poofy sometimes too haha.


      • Dony says:

        but how to make light or medium pomade work on wavy hair? my hair is quite wavy and thick

      • Various combing techniques. Applying the pomade to damp hair also help. You can press your hair too if you want. Blow drying your hair before you apply the pomade works for some people. Training your hair will improve your results when using light pomades, but training your hair takes a few months so you won’t see results right away. It’s really personal preference when figuring out which way works best for you. And it’s going to take time. It took me a while to learn how to use light pomades and still get a good hold with them. So you just gotta practice man. Practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right away. And don’t give up, keep trying until you get it.


      • Dony says:

        Thanks JC.

      • You’re welcome.


  4. Grease monkey says:

    Does it look greasy?

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