Layrite Super Shine

Hey fellas, today it’s back to a water based/soluble product. This one is a brand new, hot off the presses pomade. It’s by Layrite and it’s their new Super Shine. Now most water based products don’t really have any shine to them so we’ll see how this one does.


It comes in a 4oz white plastic tub with a screw top lid. Same as their regular and super hold. It has the same style labeling, one lid label, one wrap around label. This one is red and had just one girl on it, but she’s the center of the design. It says “Layrite” across her and above the barber pole it says “hy-sheen.” On the front of the tub it has a cross design and in the center of that is her and the writing, basically the lid design. Around the edge of the lid it has a gold banner that reads “water soluble – scientifically formulated to hold like wax, yet, wash out like a gel!” It also has the directions and ingredients on the sides of the tub.


Opening it up you see an orange, creamy, pudding like pomade. It’s pretty shiny in the tub so hopefully that shine will stay when it’s in my hair. The scent of this stuff is very odd, but definitely in a good way! It reminds me of erasers and an orange cream smoothie. Because it has that water based chemical smell to it, but it is also sweet and fruity at the same time. I actually really like the smell of this one a lot.


Scooping it out was WAY different than any water based pomade I’ve used so far! And I mean way different!! It’s almost exactly like creamy peanut butter, only slightly softer and more sticky. Not more tacky, but it sticks to your finger more. Like pudding or brownie batter does. It’s a really odd texture.

It feels even weirder in my palms. Definitely the most unique pomade I’ve used, as far as texture goes. It didn’t soften up or anything and it stayed shiny in my palms as well.


Putting in my hair was surprisingly a lot like a light grease. I figured with its texture it would be kind of sticky and maybe streak in my hair. However it did the opposite, it went in like a light grease does. And it combed around about as easy as a cream does.

Another thing that surprised me was the hold this stuff has. Being so soft in my hair I didn’t expect much hold but it actually has medium hold. I was able to sculpt a 3-4″ pomp and keep it pretty rounded. This stuff makes my hair look really good too, holy crap. I did not expect this stuff to perform this way!


And this stuff is shiny!!! You can’t see it that much in the picture, but it’s just as shiny as any grease out there! Damn I really love this product! It’s definitely my new favorite water based and has made it into my top 10-15 pomades; out of both wb, pb, creams etc etc. Another great thing about this pomade is that you can recomb it multiple times throughout the day. And it doesn’t lose its hold or anything like that.

Overall, this is one damn good pomade. Especially being a water based one. Usually I stay away from those, but I’m sure glad I tried this one out!! I had been using this product since I got back from my trip. Big thanks to Mike Clem over at Layrite for telling me about this and hooking me up with a tub!

Head over to their website;
and pick up a tub of this stuff!!! This is definitely a pomade you must check out. You won’t regret it, absolutely worth every penny!

Keep it greasy guys



10 comments on “Layrite Super Shine

  1. Angel T. says:

    Ordered the collection pack from layrite and it included the super shine can. Tried it right away. It worked surprisingly well on my thick hair. Felt like grease once applied. The shine on this stuff is amazing and the hold was great. As the blog stated this stuff can be recombed throughout the day, best of all it washes out! I really like this stuff and I think it will be replacing suavecito as my everyday pomade.

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Yeah it definitely is a great pomade. Only water based that I know that shines this well and doesn’t gum up or harden. They really do have a great pomade with this one. I use it pretty often and need to get another can soon.


  2. Greg Riggs says:

    I ordered a 4oz. jar after reading your review. This pomade is great!
    It will be replacing the Layrite Super Hold that I have been using.
    Thanks for the review. Keep up the good work.

    • jchmotox57 says:


      That’s great to hear man I’m glad you like it as much as I do. You can also mix them together for a nice hold with a high shine. Thanks for the kind words to man I appreciate that.



  3. Luis says:

    Can you comb it whenever you want whithout a wet comb?

  4. JP says:

    Hi JC I currently use the layrite super shine pomade and I really like it. But I was wondering if there is another water based with similar shine and better hold?


    • Unfortunately there isn’t anything out there with that much shine and lots of hold. The closest ones I have used are Cool Grease (blue) and JS Sloane Lightweight. They don’t have quite as much shine to them though.


  5. JP says:

    Is there a water based pomade that has the same shine like layrite super shine but better hold?

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