White Rose Petroleum Jelly

Alright! After a week of water based and waxy products I am going to be getting back to some grease! I’ve missed my grease, and I think my hair has too. I got a request for this one from one of the guys on the Addicted to Pomade page. It’s White Rose Petroleum Jelly. And this stuff has been around for a while, “since 1936” is what I found most common.


It is a division of J. Strickland & Co. So it comes in their badass pomade container. It’s a tin bottom, cardboard sides and a tin top. The top of this on is stamped like Royal Crown Hair Dressing. It looks really cool when they stamp the lids like that. This one isn’t the standard red they they put out for their other pomades though. This one is blue, royal blue.


It has a white rose on the center of the front and has “White Rose, 100% Pure, all purpose, petroleum jelly and net wt 5oz (142g)” on the front. On the side it has a little blurb about its various uses and the directions, along with the company info. The lid stamp reads “White Rose Petroleum Jelly” around a rose that has “white” underneath it.


Opening it up you see an aerated jelly that looks more like Royal Crown Pomade than petroleum jelly. And it is whiter than regular petroleum jelly, hence the name. Now this stuff has no scent whatsoever. I mean not anything. Which could be a great thing when using it as a topper with a strong scented base.


Scooping it out was just as I thought it would be. After all, it is 100% petroleum jelly. And when I rubbed my palms together it surprisingly didn’t soften up. This stuff holds up better than Vaseline does. I’m really liking it and hoping it will hold my hair nicely.

Putting it in my hair was very easy. About as easy as Royal Crown Hair Dressing does. It did want to stay on the top of my hair and not work into my hair at first. But with some combing it all went in and coated my hair nicely. It combs about like any really light pomade or hair dressing does.


It was most certainly recombable. I didn’t have to recomb at all, but I did recomb my hair when I got home just to check it out for reviews sake. I was able to style it a few different ways then return it to it original style without any problems at all. And the shine of this stuff held strong all day as well! And it is really shiny, I love it!!


I’m definitely glad I got a request for this one and bought some to try out! Not only for it’s pomade abilities, but I can use it for all kinds of stuff. Including my diaper rash. Just joshin’ ya, my kid’s the one with that problem.

So, if you guys like toppers or pomades good for slickin that do back, go grab yourselves a tin of this stuff it’s pretty awesome! I found it on eBay, but I know it’s on pomade-shop. You can also find the info on it off of J. Strickland & Co.’s website but you can’t buy any of their products from there for some reason. You can only look up distributors. Anyway….

Til the next one!

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6 comments on “White Rose Petroleum Jelly

  1. sandra says:

    were can in buy petroleum jelly skin protectant in charlotte,n.c.28216

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Hey Sandra,

      You should be able to find it at any Walmart, Target, Grocery Store, Pharmacy/Drug Store, and even littler stores. Pretty much everybody carries Vaseline these days and/or their store brand petroleum jelly. White Rose you would have to try beauty supply stores to find them. I hope that helps, if you have any other questions let me know!


  2. Charlene says:

    This product is sold at Fred’s. I have purchased 20 jars in the last month for $2.

  3. Bill Harrison says:

    I used to work for J. Strickland & Co. in the 80’s and sold this product. It is a much lighter product and truly 100% petroleum jelly. It was also used as a hair dressing. The same company makes the product, Royal Crown Hair Pomade. Good stuff and you can really feel the difference when you use it vs. Vaseline.

    • That’s awesome!! Yeah it’s a great jelly, and yeah many people still use it as a hair dressing, including myself. Yeah they make a few other pomades and other grooming products. Yeah you really can. Much higher quality. I own my own pomade company very similar to J Strickland Co actually. And I have a tribute line to Royal Crown called Silver Dollar, and I have plans to put out a high quality petroleum jelly as well. Thank you very much for your comment Bill! Have a great day!


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