Bona Fide

Check it out guys, I got my hands on a very new water based pomade. I have been having some pretty good luck with them so far, so I decided to try another one out. In the past they just didn’t work for me for various reasons. However I’ve found some nice ones recently. This new one comes out of the OC. It’s Bona Fide Pomade. Bad ass name for a pomade if you ask me!!


It comes in a black plastic tub with a screw top lid. It has a full wrap around label and a lid label. The label on this one is really really cool! Also very simple and to the point. It has “Bona Fide Pomade” in the center and “superior hold” below that. Above the name it has two switchblade combs crossed with a crown in the top space, “b” and “f” in the left and right spaces, and “p” in the bottom space. On the side label it has the name on either side and the product information, ingredients/weight/website/made in USA, in between them.


Opening it up you see what appears to be an amber colored pomade. It looks like your average water based pomade in the tub. The smell on this one is different from any other water based tho. It has a nice shampoo/”fresh out of the shower” smell to it!! I love when pomades smell like that! I love the sweet and spicy smells too, but clean smells are awesome!!


Scooping it out was like Monkey Brains or Tres Flores molding pomade. However, this stuff isn’t amber colored. It’s more a light yellow, almost the same color as Tres Flores. It spread in my palms like most water based pomades do, keeping its consistency and sticking to my hands nicely. And the scent got a little stronger when I rubbed my hands together.

Putting it in my hair was way different though! It went in like a hair dressing or light cream does. Total unexpected greatness! I’m used to them kind of sticking to my hair and having to comb it in a bit. Not this stuff, it was like butter! It combed super easy and nicely!


So once I noticed how easy it went in and combed, I got a little worried it might not hold that much. Nope. It holds just as good as any other water based! I got some decent height to hair and I was able to keep it rounded. I’m starting to really dig this pomade. It also kept my cowlicks nice and straight, while holding all the little hairs that like to stick out everywhere in place as well.


I noticed something really awesome about this pomade when I was combing it around. This stuff is shinier than a grease!!! I know, hard to believe, but look how shiny my hair is! It looks like I put a palm full of Royal Crown Hair Dressing or an oil tonic in it! I am loving this pomade now! Hopefully it holds all day and stays shiny all day.


After a day of work and dinner I noticed my hair hadn’t moved and stayed nice and shiny. This stuff did kind of gum up on me after a few hours though, but I was able to break it up easily with my hands. I tried, just for kicks, to comb my hair. So I slicked it all the way back and tried to put it back where it was before. To my surprise it was recombable!! Holy smokes this is one damn great pomade!!!!

You guys need to head over to their website and pick up a tub ASAP.
This stuff is very reasonably priced and worth every darn penny you will spend on it!

Totally didn’t expect this stuff to perform this well at all. Damn!! These guys really did their homework and put out a really great pomade. Great, great product!

Well, til the next one!



7 comments on “Bona Fide

  1. Thank you for the review! We are so glad that you enjoyed our product!!!

  2. Does it harden? I personally like pomades that harden because I have curly hair and need it to straighten out.

  3. Does this pomade harden like layrite or suavecito? I personally like when they harden given the fact that it tends to straighten my curly hair!

  4. jchmotox57 says:

    It does harden, but not like a gel or hair spray does, it kind of gums up after a little while, which helps with curly hair. It’s a great pomade and I personally like it better than layrite. Hope that helps! Let me know of you have any other questions or concerns about it!


  5. arcessimus says:

    Does this go in better in wet or dry hair?

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