Dapper Devil Pomade

Hey guys, hope all of you had a great thanksgiving!! After gorging myself on some tasty grindage, I decided I needed to get back to writing. So today’s pomade is a home brew by a frequent ATP member. It’s Dapper Devil Pomade made by Fernando Delaserna.


This one comes in a 4oz stainless steel, slip cover tin. It only has the lid label, which isn’t like your average label. This one is a bit smaller than the average ones you see on tins. About the size of a 50¢ piece, it is a tan label with a white border. For the design, it has a little kid devil in the center holding a pitch fork and sportin a full, rounded pomp. Above him the label reads “Dapper Devil,” below him “Pomade” and “handmade in the USA.” On either side of him there are solid black, five pointed stars. I dig the simplicity and, therefore awesomeness of this label!!


Opening it up you see an nice yellow petro and waxy pomade. Just by the look of it, it seems to be a medium weight pomade. However it could be a hard hold, I’ve had a few lately that look like this, but are a pain to get out of the tin and hold really well. The smell of this pomade is simply awesome. Straight lemon heads candy!!! It brought me back to being a kid at the ice cream truck, getting my goods from the ice cream man!


Scooping the pomade out was easy. I was right about it being a medium weight pomade with a little bit of a waxy texture to it. It’s not as greasy as most medium pomades though, which I find kind of nice. It’s a change up from the norm. The smell of this pomade gets stronger once you get it out of the tin too!

Putting it in my hair was more like using a heavier pomade. I think it’s mostly because of the wax. Now it wasn’t hard to get into my hair by any means, it just wasn’t like putting in a medium greasy pomade. Once I got it into my hair, it combed around just about like a light pomade does. I did start to wonder how the hold with this one would be.


I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that this stuff holds really well. I was able to get a nice rounded and medium height pomp with this pomade. When I first formed my front I got it to stand a couple inches taller than this, but decided on a shorter pomp for today. This stuff will hold a taller pomp though.

This stuff does have a bit of shine to it as well. Not a whole lot but it does have some which is nice! The only thing I did find I didn’t really like about this one is that it didn’t tame my little hairs and my cowlick in the back of my head. It may just be that my hair is at a weird length. People kept commenting on my hairs smell all day long. I did get mostly “lemonade” from people though, only my boss said “lemon heads” like I did.


So overall I strongly recommend grabbing a tin of this stuff from Fernando! It’s a great pomade, hold, texture, and smell. And this one is easily recombable which is always important to me. I always find a way to mess up my hair throughout the day so I gotta have that recombability to a pomade. And this one is easily reworkable.

You can find it on their Facebook page which is;
And it’s definitely worth checking out, plus it makes an awesome addition to a collection.

Keep greasin guys


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