I’m kind of on a home brew kick right now. So to follow up Dapper Devil Pomade, I’m going with another home brew. I decided to wear this one on Thanksgiving. This one is made by another avid ATP member. It’s Pompking, made by Hector Tapia. However this home brew is in a class of its own. It’s an all natural and petro free pomade. The only other petro free pomade I’ve come across is Bees Knees. Maybe this one will be like those pomades, maybe not. We’ll soon see.


This one comes in an awesome 4oz shallow tin. It’s black like the one Grim Grease came in. I really like these tins a lot! They really stand out in a collection. This one also just has the one lid label, like most home brews do. And this label is really badass! It’s a solid black background and has a jack-o-lantern with a pomp instead of a stem. And underneath the pumpkin it has “Pompking” in some cool blood dripping font! Or is it oozing font? Either or I guess, I lean more toward ooze since it’s orange. Like I said, bad ass label! Very psychobilly/ Halloween. Two of my favorites!


Opening it up you see a waxy yellowish pomade. It looks like a yellow version of Grim Grease. I wonder of it’s going to be as difficult to get out of the tin. The smell on this one is one of the most unique smells I’ve come across so far. It’s almost exactly like pumpkin pie! Can’t wait to get this in my hair, I’m gona smell like Thanksgiving. Which is why I am wearing it on Thanksgiving day.


Scooping this stuff out was just as hard if not harder than Grim Grease or Schmiere knupplehart. I thought I was going to bend the tin it was so difficult to get out. Once I got the first half of a finger out and broke the surface it was a lot easier to get out of the tin. Very very waxy pomade, not Bees Knees waxy though. It’s a whole different game.

When I worked this pomade into my palms it kind of gummed up and turned into a candle in my hands. Dang! How am I going to get this stuff into my hair and off my hands? It was almost like you poured hot wax in your palms and you rubbed them together and it dried. I’ve never had a pomade do that before. First time for everything though right?


Luckily, it came off my hands fairly easily. It did want to stick more in the front and on top of my hair. I had to add more to the back side of my hairs and the sides. For me, this stuff went in about like Murray’s Superior. Kind of hard to comb in and it pulled some of my hairs out. However, it wasn’t quite as hard to comb through as Murray’s or Scurl’s wave control.


Once I got the first few combs in, it began to be easier to work around. And damn this stuff will hold your hair high! I got it to stand up, albeit my hair was thin looking, but still, like 7-8 inches!! I didn’t keep it that high cause my hairs not thick enough for it to look good. I just went with about a 4-5 inch pomp, but this stuff will hold taller than that!


It seemed to hold pretty good all day except for a few things. It softened up a bit and allowed my cowlick to show and it didn’t tame all my little hairs all day long. They started to stick out toward the end of the day. This stuff is recombable though, which kind of erases the fact that the hairs popped out. I was able to just comb them right back into place.

Overall, it isn’t a bad pomade. There are pluses and minuses to it. Hector and I talked back and forth a lot while he was formulating this pomade, he asked me numerous questions about it and the brewing process. And I know at first he had a hard time with it being like a candle, but after I gave him pointers and helped him with the process he got it worked out. He’s got a good strong holding pomade on his hands. And I know a lot of you guys like strong hold pomades so I’d recommend this one for you guys. Plus for you collectors this tin makes a badass addition! So go pick up a tin from him if this stuff is up your alley. You can get it from their Facebook page;

Until next time boils and ghouls


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