Monkey Brains

Hey guys, today I’m reviewing a water based that I probably should’ve done a long time ago. It’s one of my favorites and it was the one that got me back into water bases. When I first started using stuff years ago I got ahold of some awful water bases and didn’t go back to them for years. So today’s the one I’m using is Monkey Brains.


It comes in a box, unlike most pomades that are just in tins. So opening this one is a bit like opening a present! Kind of like being a kid on your birthday again! The box is yellow with a blue splatter on it. It has a little cartoon monkey wearin some jeans and yellow shirt. He has a very bulbous pomp and a wrench in his hand, being the “grease monkey” of this stuff. Next to him it says “Monkey Brains Grease Monkey hair POMADE Medium Hold” then “For all hair types and styles All day hold.” The design brings me back to being about 8-9 years old and picking out the cartoon shampoos and tooth pastes that I thought were cool looking in the store.


Opening up the box you see a plastic tub with pomade suspended in it and it has a metal screw top lid. Nice change up from the usual plastic packaging. On the lid it has basically the same design on a clear sticker in the center of the lid. It’s just slightly cut off around the splat background.


Opening this one up you see a translucent purple goop. It’s not as clear as other water based pomades out there, but you can still see through it. And this one doesn’t shine at all in the tub. Plus the smell on this one also brings you back to being a kid. It smells like the candy Fun Dip, the grape flavored kind. Or grape Nerds. A nice sweet and tart grape scent to this pomade! I really dig the smell of it, by far my favorite smelling water based so far.


Scooping it out was about like Bona Fide or Tres Flores molding pomade. Now the box said medium hold, but it felt more like a strong hold scooping it out of the tub. In the tub it had a matte look to it, and after I got it out it looked the same. However, when I rubbed my hands together and spread it around, it got really shiny! Like a really greasy pomade.

Putting this stuff in my hair wasn’t like the other water based ones out there. It went in and combed harder. Not like Murray’s superior or Schmiere knupplehart, but not as easy as the other water based ones I’ve reviewed. But this stuff goes in super well and coats your hair nice and evenly. And really quickly I might add. I sculpted this do in under 90 seconds! Yeah, that fast! This stuff is awesome.


I was able to get some nice height, roundedness and a very even looking pomp going. My hair looks nice and full too, very full bodied. It also tamed all my little hairs very nicely. I didn’t get any that stuck out right away or popped out throughout the day. And if you look, this pomade has some shine to it! Not as much as Bona Fide or Layrite Super Shine, but way more than the other water based pomades. This one doesn’t harden like others do too, it only slightly gums up like Bona Fide does.


All this being said, I think I still gotta say this one is still my favorite water based. Don’t get me wrong I do love all the others that I said I did. It’s just that this one is my favorite. It smells like candy, holds great, stays great all day, has some shine, makes my hair look good and can be recombable if you know what you’re doing. With this one and Bona Fide, I just press my hair to my head and run my hands from front to back over my hair with some pressure. Then I take my comb and comb it back slowly a couple times, and finally reform my pomp. That’s all that I have to do to recomb it. And it combs back into place really easily and looks like new.

Now unfortunately, this stuff was discontinued. I don’t quite know the reason why the company shut down, but they did. So when you see a tub of this stuff grab it! Or as many as they have! This stuff is worth any and all money you will spend on it.

Catch you grease monkeys later!



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