Black Diamond Pomade (Normal Hold)

Back again guys. Today I am reviewing a pomade all the way from down under. It’s an Australian pomade, but I got it from Bianca over at Hair Pomades/Christiaan Import & Agency. Today’s pomade is Black Diamond Pomade. And I’m starting with their Normal Hold. I got both from Bianca and as you know I like to start with the lightest hold first.


So, this one comes in a different style tin than I’ve ever seen. It’s a shallow 3oz tin with a twist top. The whole tin is dark midnight blue with gold writing on it. On the lid in a rectangle it says “black diamond TAHU • POMADE Aromatherapy • Ayurveda NORMAL HOLD 75g net 2.5 fl oz” Then on the end of the rectangle there is a little spiral design. On the back it has a few little blurbs. One about tahu, one on using it and one listing the ingredients. It also has the company’s info. I’ve never heard of Japan wax before so today is a first for me using something with “Japan wax” in it. Bianca did let me know that this pomade and the other one are vegan and petro free. So for you guys looking for vegan and/or petro free pomades here’s one for you.


Opening it up you see a golden colored petro based pomade. It kind of looks a little like that petroleum jelly you get from the dollar store. And slightly like apple sauce, if it didn’t have the pulp in it. However it doesn’t smell like either of those. The smell is very unique, I’ve never smelled a pomade like this one before. It smells of flowers and pine-sol/cleaning products. I don’t know if that’s what they were going for, but that’s what my nose picked up. Like I said, very unique smell.


Scooping it out, it was really light and greasy. When I got it out it really liked like apple sauce and dollar store petroleum jelly mixed together. The smell got really really strong when I scooped it out of the tin. Almost as strong as SGB. It stayed a matte look when I scooped it out and when I worked it in my hands. I have a sneaking suspicion that it will have some shine to it though. And it was really greasy in my palms.


Putting it my hair wasn’t like a light greasy pomade though. It went in kind of tough, like if Murray’s Superior was a grease. Combed around about the same, not nearly as easy as I thought it would from it’s texture. It wasn’t overly difficult to comb however, just harder than I expected.


I was able to only get a few inches of height with this pomade. The texture definitely played into the hold. It held about like the other light greasy pomades to. It did hold slightly more than most greases though. However, it didn’t keep all the little unruly hairs around my hairline in place. They probably would’ve stayed in place if I added more pomade, but I didn’t want to soak my hair in it.


As you can see though, this stuff is outrageously shiny!! By far one of the top 5 shiniest pomades I’ve come across yet. And you cats know how much I love me some shiny hair! This stuff would be great for gentleman’s parts, slickbacks, combovers and also as a topper! I really really love the shine of this pomade a lot. On it’s own it didn’t give me much hold, but I think if I had just gotten a cut it would hold better. It’s just that my hair is almost down to my chin when I pull it forward and straight down. So I’m sure that has something to do with it not holding all that well for me.

Overall, it’s a pretty decent pomade. I’m not crazy about the scent, but I am about it’s shininess!!! So if you like lighter, shiny pomades go pick up some of this stuff! You can find it at Big thanks again to Bianca over there for getting me this pomade and their Strong Hold, plus some other black diamond samples! Well ’til next time…

Keep it greasy fellas!


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7 comments on “Black Diamond Pomade (Normal Hold)

  1. Andrew says:

    Any idea where we can order this in the States/Canada? ships by the case, I’d rather only order one at first. the only other website I could find wanted 30 Euros extra to ship one tin. I emailed asking if I could buy just one, still waiting to hear back.

    • jchmotox57 says:


      As far as US or Canada, if you don’t hear back from Bianca, there isn’t any place that I know of. You can, however, find them both on along with all kinds of other pomades, shampoos, shaving stuff, tonics and all kinds of goodies. But wait a little while to see if they email you back. If not, I’d just order from pomade shop. Hope that helps! If you have anything else you need answered, shoot.


      • Jack says:

        I’ve experienced similar difficulties in getting this shipped at a reasonable price. The quote from was 30 euros! I might need to order a dozen to justify the shipping cost. Can this be purchased direct from Australia? The product is superior so worth hunting for.

      • jchmotox57 says:

        I’m not sure if you can get it shipped from Australia or not. I got mine from Bianca over at Hair Pomades. I’d suggest going to and emailing her and see if she can help you with the shipping.


  2. Lyn Saunders says:

    This product is superior. I been using it for years in Australia and there are minimum suppliers. I looking for supplies now so if you know anyone selling in Australia let me know.

  3. I still have half a tin of black diamond from 1989 it came in a retro white tin with black diamond on it only use it when I feel good

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