South Side Soaps – Apple Cider Pomade

For the first pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….South Side Apple Cider Pomade. This pomade comes from up in Canada, eh. It’s made by Claire over at South Side Soaps. She has 4 different scents, but apparently they’re all the same hold. So I’m just starting with my favorite smelling one of the bunch. Her Apple Cider Pomade. Plus I’m doing this 12 pomades of Christmas, so this one fits perfectly.


This one comes in a tall 4 oz tin with a single lid label. It’s just your standard stainless tin, not colored. The lid label is pretty awesome!! It’s very antique looking. It’s a light brown label with black ink and an old picture, it kind of has a sepia look to it. It says “South Side” in script lettering above a cool picture. It has 2 people riding bikes and one guy sitting on a bench. But one of the riders is a skeleton in a top hat. I’m guessing its a really old photograph, because it looks very vintage. Below the picture it says “Apple Cider Pomade.” And it has her webstore address on it as well. Really cool label in my opinion.


Opening this tin up, you see a nice bright red waxy, petro pomade. It looks like red starburst candies. From the looks of it, it seems like it will be a nice medium hold pomade. The smell of this pomade is exactly like the name, sweet and spicy apple cider. And man does this pomade smell great!! Totally reminds you of the fall/winter holiday season.


Getting this pomade out of the tin was pretty easy. It had a nice hard waxy surface then a soft petro middle. You can kind of tell that it had a hard surface from the wax curls it made when I scooped it out. Once I got it out the scent doubled in strength! When I worked it into my hands it became more greasy than waxy and there were some wax pieces that didn’t want to break up/spread out easily. I kind of had to work on them for a bit which made the pomade get lighter from the heat of my hands rubbing together. Hopefully it doesn’t affect the hold.


Putting it in my hair was similar to Black Jack. It went in nice and easy like greases do and combed about like a medium pomade does. When it came to forming my pomp it held more like a lighter pomade did though. It didn’t really keep my cowlick together and I was only able to get a low pomp going. It did stay exactly where I left it all day, which is a total plus for me.


On the second day of using it however, it held my hair up great! I was able to get a nice medium pomp going and I liked the way it made my hair look. This stuff has really nice shine to it as well! It didn’t quite tame my cowlick, but that doesn’t mean much, my cowlick is very bad and takes a lot to keep it in line. After all day at work I changed clothes and was surprised how nice it held all day. It only slightly lost its hold. You can see a slight difference in my wavy front and the slightly bigger gap where my cowlick is. But I was able to run a fine toothed comb through it and it looked a lot better.


Overall, Claire has a nice pomade on her hands with this stuff. It smells great, shines really well, has medium hold and the label is really cool looking. So I’d suggest you head over to her site and pick up a tin of this pomade. You can find it on her etsy store;
Grab a few soaps while you’re there. She makes some really great soaps as well as her pomade.

Until the next one,


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