Schmiere Special Edition Mittel “Ho Ho Ho”

For the second pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….Schmiere X-Mas special! This is another one of the special edition pomades from the guys over at Rumble-59. The Xmas/Santa/hohoho special is a mittel pomade. Definitely a perfect fit for the 12 pomades of Christmas! I’ve only started this little journey, but so far it’s been fun. I like getting all festive with my pomades during this season.


So this one comes in their standard slip cover big stainless steel tin. The label is also the same their familiar raven. Only on this label he’s wearing a Santa suit, complete with the hat and a tie-on beard. He’s made sure to stick his pomp out the front of his Santa hat though, I mean you gotta show the pomp right? This one has, the obvious red background. I mean what other color would go with Santa? It also has some stars scattered along the label as well. Really nice, festive label! Hopefully the pomade will be as well.


Opening it up you see, what else…bright, Santa suit red, pomade. In the tin it has the same color as melted red hots candies. I looks like a nice medium, sticky pomade in the tin. The smell of this one is similar to red hots as well, very spicy cinnamon with a sweet smell to it too. It reminds you of being a kid and eating fire balls, or hot tamales or red hots! Great smelling pomade.


Scooping it out of the tin was just awesome!! It was a nice tacky texture with a medium resistance to it. Easy to pull out if the tin, not too sticky and a nice tacky/creamy texture. It has a matte look to it even when you scoop it out, so I don’t know if this one will have any shine to it or not. I really hope it does. You would think it would being a medium weight pomade, but you never know until it’s in your hair.

When I spread it around in my palms it tacked up more than it was in the tin. I really dig the fact that it didn’t break down and turn into a oily grease. And holy moly does the smell of this one fill a room when you scoop it out and work it in your hands! It was like Sweet Georgia Brown in the purple tin, it filled my whole downstairs area. I love it when pomades, well, good smelling pomades, do this. It just makes you noticeable from a mile away, in a good way.

Putting it in my hair was just killer! It went in so easy and just running my hands over my head kind of slicked it down. That makes me know it would be a great pomade for a slickback! I didn’t hardly get any resistance from it in my hair when I was running my hands back and forth through my hair. However, I could tell it will hold nicely even though it wasn’t resistant in my hair.


I did notice something that may be a no go for you lighter haired guys. This stuff stains. If you look at my hands you can see a slight red tint to them. This is after I washed my hands off with soap. So I bet it would stain any hair that’s lighter than a medium-light brown. So if you have lighter hair, take caution as this pomade might stain your hair red.


Combing it was more like a hard pomade, which I did not expect at all. It wasn’t hard to comb, in fact just the opposite. It just held way more than I expected it to! Which was a really nice surprise. I was able to get some nice height with it and it stayed like that all day. It also kept my cowlick in check and all the little hairs that like to stick out.


This stuff has some nice shine to it as well. Not as much as a grease, but still shiny. In the sun it shines a little more too. This pomade gave my hair some volume, which was unexpected, but really awesome. It made my pomp very full looking. I did notice a little splitting on the top of my head where I comb my hair over and part it, but I think it’s just because I need a haircut. My hair is getting way too long on top.


I tried forming a “Ducks Ass,” and didn’t do too bad of a job with it. Hindsight, I needed to add more pomade but it came out ok. I definitely need some more length and as you can see, I desperately need a clean up and trim. But this pomade did make it look pretty cool in my opinion. Also, it creates a nice build up on the second and third day using it. It makes your hair look even better after the first day!

All in all, I really dig this pomade. The guys over there at Rumble-59 sure know what they’re doing! They haven’t made a pomade that I don’t like yet. They all, including this one; smell amazing, work great, stay all day, are recombable and come in cool tins with cool labels! So head over to their website;
and pick up a tin of this stuff while its still available!! It’s definitely worth having! Both for its aesthetics and functionality. Until the next one…

Ho Ho Ho


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2 comments on “Schmiere Special Edition Mittel “Ho Ho Ho”

  1. tafarel says:

    You should try the haar balsam from rumble 59

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