Kiwi – “Parade Gloss” Shoe Polish

Hey guys, here’s a new review. I am doing one on a shoe polish this time. I’ve never reviewed one before, but my blog is a “men’s grooming” blog. I should review all types of grooming products right? And I think this falls into that category. Plus a friend on the “Addicted to Pomade” Facebook page suggested I review this. I don’t know if he was joking, saying I should review it as a pomade, or if he really meant review it for what it is. So I’m reviewing it. Anyway, enough meaningless chatter.


This stuff is an old shoe polish, my grandpa and great grandpa used this brand for years. They’ve been around since 1909 to be exact. I’ve seen tins like these in my families homes for as long as I can remember. It’s a little shallow 1 1/2 oz tin with a pop lever on the side. The lid is black and has their signature lettering and little animal above it in red and white. Across the center in a bronze and copper banner it says “Parade Gloss.” In both English and French it says “since 1909” below their name, “Premium Polish” below the banner and “Black” at the bottom of the tin.


On the back of the tin, it’s now a brass color. I like the contrast and different colors for both sides. On this one it has the directions for use in both English and French, along with all the companies information. Everything is in black ink on the back of this tin.


Opening this tin up you see a slightly matte shine shoe polish. It looks a little like Royal Crown Stick Pomade haha. I bet it stains just as bad. So I’m going to use gloves to get it out just in case. Now this polish doesn’t smell anything like I remember it smelling when I was a kid. I remember shoe polish smelling like melted crayons from when I was younger. However, this polish smells like carb cleaner and nail polish. I personally love the smell of carb cleaner/solvent, so this stuff doesn’t bother me. I wrench on my dirt bike all the time and have come to enjoy smells like these.


Getting it out of the tin was easy. The polish broke up really easy, kind of like wet chalk. It became kind of slippery in my fingers after I got it out. You can kind of see the little pieces of polish on my gloved finger. You can also see the smears and how it became slippery when I was scooping it out. Sorry about the blurriness my camera would not focus on my finger for some reason.

Putting this stuff on my shoes was surprisingly easy. It spread out and went really far! I thought I’d have to use a lot, but a little went a long way. Spreading it on my kicks, I noticed the smell completely died out. So if you don’t like the smell, don’t worry, it goes away quickly. It left a matte look to my shoes while it was drying. As do most polishes, but they shine up nicely when you buff your shoes with a soft cloth.


Taking a cloth to them I saw the gloss start to come out in my shoes. Now my shoes are pretty old and I’m overdue for a new pair so you will still see the texture and creases in them. But the shine came out fairly nicely. It only took a couple minutes to buff them to a shine. I wish I had a newer and better pair shoes, because I think this stuff would make them look like mirrors. You can also add a light second coat of polish to them and sprinkle them with a little bit of water. Then buff them out and they will be even shinier than the first time around.


I knew this stuff would be great. I mean they’ve been around for over a century. Plus the dudes in my fam-damily have used this stuff for decades, and I’ve seen it in action my whole life. But I’ve never used it myself before now. Now I know why they’ve used it for so long. You can find this stuff pretty much everywhere. Go to any local super market or shoe store and you’re sure to run into this stuff!

Well, til the next time I review something other than pomade….Cheers!!



One comment on “Kiwi – “Parade Gloss” Shoe Polish

  1. ari says:

    hey so i know this is a little old, but if you try and breath a light, throaty breath on them rather than water it works much better. In my opinion. With a little technique and work you really can make Kiwi give the mirror effect. It’s not called parade gloss for a reason :p A little military hint I guess you could say. but to each their own

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