Multi-Purpose Putrescence

For the third pomade if Christmas, the one I use will be….Putrescence. This is a microbrew from a buddy of mine in California. This stuff is geared toward all you psychos out there. So as soon as I saw it I had to get some, being a big psychobilly fan myself. Grue has 3 different putrescences as of now and is going to be coming out with a new one called “Casket” soon. He also has tattoo bomb and lip bomb. The lip bomb is awesome, it works really well.


So this one comes in a tall 4oz tin, it also comes in a 3oz tin as well. It has both a lid label and a wrap around label on the tin. The background on these labels are really cool, it’s a bunch of little rib cages and skulls. They kind of look like a mass grave. On the lid label it has a skull with and “X” carved into its forehead, two shovels for the “cross bones” or cross shovels and a bat silhouette on each side of it. Around the edge it reads “Multi-Purpose Putrescence” and then above and below the skull in two red banners it has the companies name “Grave Robbers Union Local 666.” On the side label is has the same design, but says “-Cloven-” on both sides of the skull. It also has a little blurb about the uses of MPP, their website, the directions for using it and the ingredients list on the side label. I really dig this label, it’s very unique and sticks out in a collection!


Opening it up you see a nice dark brown waxy pomade. Now this pomade is petro free, it’s just wax and essential oils. Maybe this stuff will be like Bees Knees Pomade. It has a slight shine to it in the tin so hopefully it will stay shiny in my hair. The smell of this one is very nice. It’s a combination of cinnamon and cloves, totally smells like Christmas to me. Almost like the scented pine cones you can buy to scent up your house during this season, but different, better in fact.


Scooping this pomade out, well trying to, wasn’t very easy. It wasn’t as hard as the Schmiere knupplehart or Grim Grease, but it was kind of difficult to get out of the tin. Similar to Bees Knees, if it had a lot less oil in it. Very very waxy and only slightly tacky, more gummy than tacky.


Spreading it in my palms was a lot like Pompking, it kind of turned into a candle in my hands. However, I rubbed my hands together faster and it heated up and became a little more workable. I decided to try something to get it to be more workable. So I kind of clapped my hands together and that made it nice and gummy again.

Before I heated it up more and clapped my hands it didn’t really want to come off my hands. Once I got it nice and workable it came off my hands and went into my hair easier. It went in similar to Murray’s Superior, almost identical in fact. When I was running my hands back over my hair I noticed that it had some shine to it, nice!


Combing this stuff was a little easier than I thought it would be. It combed like a hard pomade does but it didn’t pull hardly any hairs out of my head. I only found about 4-5 hairs in my comb, and I totally expected a lot more than that. I’m beginning to really like this pomade! And as you can see this stuff is a really strong hold. I was able to get like 5-6″ of height to my pomp with this stuff. This stuff would probably hold a wedge out there pretty good, and a quiff nice and high as well.


It held nicely all day as well. I decided to comb my hair when I got home from work just to see how this stuff recombs. It went right back into place. This may be my new go to pomade for when I go to and play shows. It holds well and combs right back into place, plus it has some shine to as well.

Overall, Grue has a great pomade on his hands! I will definitely be using this stuff again, and quite frequently as I go to a lot of shows and my band will be playing more and more. Grue did tell me that he had someone take this stuff to their shoes, yes shoes, and they shined up nicely with it. So the list of uses for this stuff besides keeping your hair high up there is continually growing. Head over to his site and pick a can of this stuff up!!
It is also available on as well.

See y’all next time!!


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