Atomic Pomade – Mint

For the fourth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….Atomic Pomade Mint. Now this one is my own microbrew pomade. That being said I’m not going to review it, I’m just going to tell you a little about it and show you pics of it in my hair. I don’t quite feel right reviewing my own pomade. Mainly because it would be a super biased review since I made this pomade specifically for myself, and I love it haha.

So, here we go. I tried formulating it after one of my favorite greases, Tres Flores Brilliantine. So it’s a lighter medium grease with high shine. The scent I went for originally was mint gum. Not trying for any specific brand, just mint gum. I love the smell of mint, ALOT! So it ended up coming out smelling like Doublemint Gum. And I was happy with that.

Now people that have bought it keep telling me that it’s Dixie Peach 2012. I’ve never tried that pomade, unfortunately, so I can’t say yay or nay on that. But they have tried it, so I take their word for it. I package it in a 6oz slip cover stainless steel tin. With a lid label, a bottom label and a label in the inside of the lid. My tins are a little bigger than the Royal Crown tins.


Anyway enough of that. So here is a front view of my hair. I get about 3″ with my pomade, and I like to slick the sides as close to my head as I can. It doesn’t hold my hair up straight, but I do get some height with it when I apply it to damp hair. I can’t quite tame my cowlick all the way, but it does kind of keep it in line.


I usually only get a rounded pomp with this stuff. It just doesn’t hold the sharp, straight up in the air pomp like you can with waxes. It is a grease so don’t expect hold like that from it, it’s just not made for that. But if you want that you can always add this as a topper for some shine. I do it all the time. And my friend Tanner, maker of Steel Toe Pomade and vocalist of Redeemer, uses mine as topper with his pomade.


It holds nicely for me all day long. I have to recomb it every once in a while when my hair gets messed up, but it combs right back into place. As you can see, I changed clothes and did mess up my hair a bit. And it just goes right back where it was with a quick combing. And as you can also see it’s really shiny, just how I like my hair. Which is why I made it like that haha.

Anyway, I think that’s enough on my pomade. I hope I did ok with this post, without “tooting my own horn” so to speak. I also hope I didn’t over do it with my descriptions and turn this post into a review. It still feels weird posting my pomade stuff on here, but it’s whatever. My friends on Addicted to Pomade said that I should post it and that it’s not boasting, so I hope I didn’t.

See you at the next pomade!


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7 comments on “Atomic Pomade – Mint

  1. mike says:

    where can i buy the atomic mint? thx.

  2. Keegan says:

    I don’t know where else to put this so ill comment here. First of all I dig your blog I’m fairly new to pomade so your reviews have definitely been a deciding factor in what I buy, so thanks. But to get to my point, you should do a review on the atomic shampoo, with pics. Looking for a good shampoo to use with suave groom and clean (which you turned me on to). Sorry for the long comment.
    Thanks and great job on the site!

    • jchmotox57 says:

      Thanks man,

      I will get to my shampoo soon this summer for you. But to be honest, you won’t need groom and clean with my shampoo, and if you leave the groom and clean in long enough it should get everything out of your hair. Thanks for the kind words about my blog man I’m glad it helps you and that you dig it!



  3. tafarel says:

    I just bought this one, and I love it so much!

  4. Hendskii says:

    I want this stuff…how to get it? Am from south east asia…is that a problem? Hahha….and i want the apple cedar on your other reviews…please kindly inform me man,

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