High Life Pomade – Addicted to Pomade

For the fifth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….Addicted to Pomade. This is a special edition pomade formulated by Adam over at High Life Pomade. Specifically for the one and only, Jim ‘Bones’ Johnson, the creator of the “Addicted to Pomade” Facebook page. And being a member of that page and an addict of pomades I absolutely had to get a tin of this stuff.


It comes in a tall 3oz stainless steel slip cover tin. The lid on it is just like Dapper Devil or Steel Toe, with a raised center. This one has a lid label and a little oval label on the front of the tin. The label is a tan colored label, and it has an old school “Dapper Guy” in the center with lines shooting off either side of him. Above him it reads “ADDICTED TO” and below him it has “Pomade!” It also has their website on the very bottom of the label. The little oval label is the same as the round one, just laid out slightly different. Also his eyes are little swirls like he’s hypnotized.


Opening this tin up you see a bright white waxy pomade. In the tin it looks like it will be a medium to hard hold. The smell of this pomade is something else! I was told its supposed to be bay rum scented, but this one smells like Christmas to me. It has a very distinct, but hard to place scent. It has some pine notes to it, but it mainly it just reminds me of Christmas. I don’t know how else to describe it.


Scooping it out was not what I expected at all. I was expecting a waxy pomade, but it was more creamy than waxy. Almost like a grease if it was really cold or something. I love the texture a lot. And boy does the scent get strong when you pull it out of the tin! Smell like Christmas incense or fragrance or something! I love it.

When I worked it in my palms it kind of turned waxy, almost like the grease in it disappeared. The texture kind of changed and became similar to Gasoline Grease. It did still have some tackiness to it though. Now I’m thinking it will be a hard hold. It was a pain to wash off my hands tho! There was a small thin layer that just wanted to stay stuck to my palms, so I just rubbed my hands on my jeans. Then most all of it came off.


It went in my hair fairly easily, slightly sticky and hard to move around with my hands. But as soon as I took a comb to my hair it was easy to work in. I did notice this stuff made my hairs kind of stick straight at first then they fell into place nicely. My comb had the same problem as my hands did. A thin white layer was stuck to my comb and didn’t want to come off.

My pomp had some nice height to it with this pomade in it. It did take me a little longer to style my hair. I’m over due for a haircut. The top is a little too long, that’s why there is some splitting toward the front of my head. This stuff has a little shine to it in my hair too.


As you can see I really need a haircut. It’s getting unruly. I’m going to go get it cut in a few days when I’m off work. My pomp didn’t want to stand up straight, but I got it to be a little bit high with a slight backward slant to it. It stayed in place pretty much all day, except for my cowlick and DA. My hair is just a little unruly and the problem areas don’t want to stay put. I did get quite a few compliments on the smell of my hair with this pomade in it too. Most people said the same thing as me, “I can’t describe it, but it smells like Christmas. I like it!”

After a couple days of using this pomade I think I like it. I will most likely use it again and again in the future. Especially around the holidays!! So head over to
and pick up a tin of this pomade! It’s one worth checking out!

See ya at the halfway mark!


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2 comments on “High Life Pomade – Addicted to Pomade

  1. Seriously though, it smells like Christmas.

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