Bummed about my bad cut.

So on Friday after day/pomade 6 in my “12 Pomades of Christmas” venture, I decided that I was way over due for a haircut. I just wanted to get my pomp back to a manageable length again and clean up the mess around my hair line. So I went to my local barber shop, same place I’ve been to for my last 5 or 6 cuts.

Now the first couple cuts I got from there were great, I really dig em, they were faded nicely, etc etc. However, the past 3 have been progressively worse and worse. First my part was a little off kilter and not quite straight, but it was easily manageable with some combing. The second time, my part was really jagged so I called up and asked for the owner and he fixed up the part and cleaned up the back for me. This past time was the worst! I went in and just asked for a trim up on top and to have my hair line cleaned up a bit. Because I wanted to keep the sides and back long so I could keep my DA and eventually try and rock a non-parted pomp for a change.

The guy cutting my hair talked crap about the pomade I had in my hair the entire time. Which I was told by a few barbers, to put pomade in an style it how I want it to be cut so they can see exactly what I want. Then he proceeded to talk crap about pomades and asked which one was my favorite. I told him Tres flores and he was like “that shits not even pomade it’s scented baby oil” so I told him I was talking about the solid not the oil tonic. He still kept on about how “none of that shit is pomade” and “how come you ain’t got layrite in your hair” etcetc. Now don’t get me wrong, I can get down on layrite and other water based, there a quite a few that I really like, but I just love me some grease and wax. It’s just how I am, some kats like the water soluble products. Which is cool, some of are great, but I just like me some old school pomade, either wax or grease. I just like pomades better than water based/ solubles.

So he proceeded to cut my hair and then throws in like 4 fingers of layrite, on top of the pomade I already had in my hair. I don’t know if he did this because he had messed up and didn’t want me to see or if that’s what he usually does. But the way he styled it looked good, it was a nice gentleman’s part. I just thought he combed my hair like that and didn’t see what he had actually cut.

So I got home and immediately washed out the layrite so I could grease back up to finish my review. That’s when I noticed what he did.


No I took about 15 mins to pull all the shorter hair from the longer hair so I could see exactly how my part turned out. To my dismay, the jerk moved my part about an inch to an inch and a half up on top of my head from where it used to be. WTF?!!!! Why the hell would you move someone’s part?! I didn’t ask him to do that! Nor did I say “I think I want to start wearing a gentleman’s part.” I only asked for the top to be trimmed, not my part moved!

I also noticed that when he moved my part, he cut about a square inch into and out of my pomp!! And he cut those hairs down to only 1/4″ to 1/2″ ! Dammit!!


Those little hairs sticking down are supposed to be my pomp.

Needless to say, I was beyond pissed off! Even if I could get over him moving my part, at least make the damn thing straight and don’t cut into my pomp man!! I tried getting ahold of the owner, but wasn’t able to reach him until after I had to be to work. So I won’t be going back there ever again.

I will be continuing the “12 Pomades of Christmas,” just keep in mind guys, it’s not the pomade’s performance that is making my hair look bad, it’s the bad haircut I received. Thanks for understanding and if you have any questions, comments etc etc, don’t hesitate.

See you guys at the next pomade.



4 comments on “Bummed about my bad cut.

  1. Chris says:

    Wow. That sounds and looks like the work of one of those “stylists” that work at great clips. You have my condolences. I recommend just letting the barber of your choice know that you want them, and only them to cut your hair. That’s what I did. When you said something about barbers and already having pomade in your hair that made me think of a question: is it preferable to not have pomade in your hair when you get a haircut? I don’t but a friend of mine usually has monkey brains or suavecito in his hair when he gets his.

    • Society's Disposable Son says:

      Dude that really blows… My last haircut I specifically stated I just wanted the sides trimmed and the top thinned out I more or less got an army cut…fail.

      • jchmotox57 says:

        Yeah nothing is worse than getting a bad haircut or not getting the cut you wanted/asked for. But at least I got it fixed today. It is a great fix too!!


    • jchmotox57 says:

      Yeah I was referred to a barber and got fixed up nice and good today. Ill post a review on that this week. Um it depends on the barber to be honest, some want it all out of your hair and some want it in your hair to see how your hair is with it in. So I’d just ask your barber what he prefers. My new guy said to come in either way, it was fine with him.


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