Putrescence Hair Dressing

For the sixth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….Putrescence Hair Dressing. This is another Putrescence made by Grue over at Grave Robbers Union. He made this one specifically to compliment and combo with his Multi-Purpose Putrescence.


The can that this one comes in is a 3oz slip cover tin. He also has 1oz sample size tins. I had to have the bigger one though, 1oz just isn’t enough for me. It has the same style label as his Multi-Purpose does, only with some slight differences. The main difference is the name, instead of “Multi-Purpose Putrescence” it says “Putrescence Hair Dressing” around the little skull. Another difference is the blurb about the product is in red ink instead of white this time. And finally the background bones are a lot smaller, making the background darker than the Multi-Purpose.


When I opened this little tin up I was surprised to see a bright white pomade. I expected a brown or even clear colored hair dressing. But that’s not what greeted me when I pulled the lid off. This stuff looks almost waxy, making me wonder how it will be a hair dressing. We’ll see though. The smell of this one is super strong with cinnamon. It smells almost exactly like fire balls, way more so than that Schmiere Xmas pomade did. The cinnamon is so strong and spicy it almost burns your nose. Now I love spicy smells so this is perfect for me!!


I got my finger ready to pry out some wax, but I was nicely surprised to find a really creamy pomade. It was more creamy than Addicted to Pomade, but not as light as your average hair dressing. The weight of it is not really even a hair dressing, it’s a medium pomade. But I’m sure it will make a great topper to the Multi-Purpose Putrescence.


After I worked worked it around, which made it slightly more greasy, I applied it to my hair. It went in really similar to Electric Grease or Sweet Georgia Brown. Nice tacky grease. It was really nice to work with when I was combing it around. Nice resistance, but not too much and it didn’t tangle my hairs at all. This one would be great for slickin you back too!


I was really surprised by how high I was able to go with this “hair dressing” though. I got a little over half the height I did with the regular Putrescence. You can see it held it up straight too, it wasn’t very rounded. And despite it holding so well, and holding all day long, this stuff is still nice and greasy! It’s got some nice shine to it and some decent hold. Win, win in my book! I love when pomades perform this well.


After using this stuff and the original, I gotta say, I like this one better than the Multi-Purpose Putrescence. I like the other one too, but this one suits me a bit better. This one is really easy to get out of the tin, texture is great, combs well, holds ya up high, shines nicely, stays all day, recombs easily and has a great scent. So if you are into pomades like this one, get ahold of Grue and grab a tin of this one!!

Take scare fellas!


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One comment on “Putrescence Hair Dressing

  1. Wooaahh! This ones cool. better try 😉

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