Fixed up!!

So I blogged the other day that I got a really bad haircut last week. I posted the pictures of it on the Addicted to Pomade page and got quite the response from a lot of guys. Most couldn’t believe it was actually that bad.

So I got a message from a friend on there and he told me to go see a barber here in the Phoenix area. So I called up the shop and asked for him. He wasn’t there when I called, but I was told he would be there on Sunday so I could get my hair fixed.

I called up Sunday morning and got ahold of him and told him what was up, he said to come on down so he could take a look at my head. I went down there and immediately got a good vibe from the shop and him while he was finishing up with a guy. I also noticed he had a bunch of different kinds of pomade in the 3 different stations. Everything from hair tonics and light greases all the way on up to Murray’s and other strong pomades. Which put me even more at ease.

So he called me up to his chair and I explained what had happened. I then showed him pictures of how my hair used to be, how it was the day they cut it and how it was that day with nothing in it. He told me that it was definitely fixable and not to worry.

I sat down in the seat, a little uncomfortable I’ll admit. Noticing my tension he told me to relax and kick back, and that I was in good hands. I obliged him, just sat back and let him do his deal. He began cutting my hair and asking me about what happened. So we chatted about that for a minute and then we began talking about different pomades and he asked about mine. I brought in some for him to use on me since I like the medium and lighter pomades.

After about 20-30 minutes in his chair he shaved my hair line and put some pinaud clubman aftershave on me. Then he talced me, which is really awesome! I’ve never had a barber actually do that before. I’ve seen them do it and most have the talc in their station, but I’ve never had it done before. It was really awesome. He then handed me a mirror so I could check it out.


Damn this dude is good!! He totally fixed my part. He fixed me up good ‘n’ proper! You can also see he faded the back perfectly and still kept somewhat of a DA. Granted its a lot shorter than it used to be, but he did the best he could with what was left of my hair. I really think he did a great job with my hair! This may be the best haircut I’ve gotten so far!


I gotta say I am very thankful to Chops for referring me to this guy! If any of you guys live in the Phoenix area or happen to be down here, head over to Babbit’s Barber Shop and go see Isaac Soto!! He is a damn good barber!


If you can’t make out the address or anything in the picture, I know it’s a little blurry, here’s all the info on that shop and whatnot;
Babbit’s Barber Shop
25 E Broadway Rd
(Mill & Broadway)
Tempe, AZ 85282

Big thanks again to Chops for the referral. And to Isaac for fixing me up and fixing me up good!! I really appreciate it fellas!

Keep in mind there will be one review with my bad haircut and it’s not the pomade, it’s just my hair. And so the 12 Pomades of Christmas goes on!! See you at the next pomade!




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