Three Butters Utility Soap

Hey guys, backs again with a grooming product. This time I’m going for a shave soap. After the shoe polish I kind of got it in my mind that I should be reviewing all different kinds of products. I mean my blog is a “Men’s Grooming Blog” so why not?


So today I have Three Butters Utility Soap. It’s made by Shea Moisture, who have been around since 1912. The box it comes in is very old timey and kind of reminds me of a costal town. It’s a navy blue center with a thin, burnt orange border. On the front it has the companies name and est date in the same burnt orange ink as the border. Below that in the same orange ink it says “groom & shave.” In the center of the front side in silver foil ink, it says “Three Butters Utility Soap w/ Shea, Mango & Avocado Butters.” And lastly it says “Shower, Shampoo & Shave” in white ink.


On the side just below the front, it has some blurbs. One about “What it is:” and one about “How to use:” the titles are in white ink and the blurbs are in the orange ink. The opposite side has the companies logo. The left side has the ingredient list, all in white ink. On the right side is where the company information and barcode is. Finally on the back side of the box is has the info about the company and their website.


Popping the bar of soap out of the box, you’re immediately met with a strong scent of muskyness. It also has some nice notes of cocoa and shea butter and it has a slight oaky smell to it. The bar itself has a convex to it and the companies logo stamped into the front of it. This bar looks like wood, it has a grainy look to it like a plank of wood.


When I turn it over you can really see the graininess better. There’s also a weird square impression in the center. The concave on this one doesn’t follow your typical bar of soap. Instead of going with the front degree of curve, it’s a rectangle concave in the center of the bar.


I ran the bar under the faucet after dampening my face and rubbed the bar on my face. I grabbed my brush and started to get the lather going. Now at first the lather was nice a foamy, but by the time I took the picture the lather kind of died down. So after I took the picture I rebrushed my face and got the lather nice and foamy again.


I proceeded to shave my face and I noticed that this soap made my hairs nice and soft. It was really easy to shave, more so than my usual shave soap. My face was also really soft from this soap. The different butters in this soap work really well at making your skin soft.

I thoroughly enjoyed this soap! From the packaging, to the look of the bar, to the smell and the way it performed. I would definitely recommend grabbing a bar of this soap! I got it at Target in the shaving section, but you can also go to their website and check them out. It’s;

See you guys at the next one



One comment on “Three Butters Utility Soap

  1. Nise says:

    Women love this soap too : )

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