Helmsman Fresh Styling Cream

For the seventh pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be…. Helmsman Fresh Styling Cream. I know creams aren’t pomade, but I didn’t want to stray from my little tag line of this journey.

I got this cream from a buddy on the Addicted to Pomade page. I’d never heard of it before, nor tried it. So I immediately did a little research on the company and product. It’s made by TVAL, and the company is based in Newfoundland. However, when I was browsing their website this product didn’t appear to be on there anywhere. So I’m not sure if it’s discontinued or maybe on another site or something along those lines. I will ask the guy who gave it to me and find out. I’m not too worried about it, because I’m not a huge fan of creams. But, I’ve had some good luck with creams thus far, so I was pretty stoked to try it out.
And here… we… go..!


It comes in an amber, glass jar with a plastic screw top lid. I’ve never seen a glass jar with a plastic lid before, usually they have tin lids. Either black or white, but hey, change can be cool. It has both a wrap-around label and a label on the lid. The lid one is a red ship’s helm wheel with a rope around the edge of the label. The front label is a charcoal grey colored label. It had “Helmsman” in red letters inside a white box that runs at an upward angle. The box has 2 red lines on the top and bottom of it, and on the top is says “Fresh Styling Cream” on the bottom it has “Light Hold Formula.” Above that design it has the companies name/logo, and below the design it says “Exclusive to Fogtown.” I’m not sure what Fogtown is, maybe the people they made this for or a place that carries it, I don’t know. On either side of the design there are nautical compasses in a slightly light grey color. And on the back it has the ingredient list and the companies info. Finally it has this little design that intrigues me because it’s a staple in the hardcore community, to which I am ever present out here in AZ. It’s an X with a letter in each space around it. Left is “F” right is “T” top is “H” and bottom is “C” Now I don’t know of that’s FT(not knowing what ft is) hard core, or if it’s “Fogtown Helmsman Cream” maybe it’s “Fogtown Hair Cream” or “Fogtown Hardcore?” Either way it’s pretty cool. And cool to see such a familiar symbol on a hair product!


When I unscrewed the lid I was met with a slightly tan cream. Now most hair creams are white and I’ve seen two that were yellow, but not a light white-ish tan colored one. It’s got almost the color of Cream of Wheat or oatmeal. It also looks to be an airy cream, there’s a few bubbles that have been popped on the surface. When you sniff this cream you’re met with a sweet mint smell. It’s not your average mint smell though. It has a slight oatmeal smell to it as well, maybe it has ground oats in it. That would explain the color of it. And it’s a very creamy mint smell, almost like mint whipped cream or something. I really like it, it reminds me of eating an oatmeal breakfast during this season when you have mint candles and whatnot around.


I knew how the texture would be just by looking at it, so when I dug my finger in I wasn’t met with anything other than I expected. It’s a nice light cream, really similar in feel to Murray’s Cream Beeswax. Although, this one didn’t feel as oily as the Murray’s did. You can see a few more of those popped bubbles in it once I scooped it out. It spread around in my palms just like most other creams do. Nice and light, not losing its texture at all.

Once I applied it to my hair I noticed it probably wouldn’t have very much hold to it. It is definitely a “Light Hold Formula.” It went in the lightest of all the hair creams I’ve used thus far. It was also the easiest thing I’ve ever combed through my hair. Almost as easy as combing my hair when there’s nothing in it. This cream really felt nice on my scalp, very refreshing and tingly, because of the mint in it. And the mint smell really got strong as I was combing it around. I did notice some slight streaking, but it disappeared straight away with some light combing.


I was really surprised by how well this cream held! It held my hair up a good 3-4″. Now it wasn’t a hard hold, nor did it dry up and harden like some creams do. It also didn’t have any kind of shine to it. It actually made my hair look dry and somewhat natural. Almost like I didn’t have anything in it, but with close inspection you could tell there was something in my hair. Now there are a few gaps in my hair, it’s not because of the cream. As you know I got a really bad haircut the other day and my part and pomp were messed up. That’s what is causing the gaps/splits in my hair.


You can see from the side this stuff have me a pretty cool look. At least from the right side anyway. It made my hair stand up really nice and even all across my head. It stayed like this all day long too. I didn’t notice any drooping or hairs coming out of place at all. I was really pleased with how well this cream held up all day long. And the scent was there all day as well. I could still smell it myself after a few hours of having it in.

Now I got a hold of my friend that sent this to me and he let me know what the deal-io was with it. He said that a friend of his had it made by that TVAL company specifically for his barbershop “Fogtown” up in Newfoundland Canada. I guess i found out what “Fogtown” is. So I messaged Chris, the owner of the shop, on Facebook about it and am waiting to hear back from him about it.

If you guys liked how this cream worked and/or looks you can head over to their Facebook page;
and talk to them about getting a jar of it. I definitely liked it and will use it again in the future. I don’t know how often, as I’ve said I’m not huge on creams. But I do like this one and a few others as well, so I will use it again at some point.

See you soon friends



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