Grandad’s (Revisited)

For the eighth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….Grandad’s Old Fashioned Pomade. Now this is one I’ve used and reviewed before so it will be a short recap/revisit of it. Nevertheless, I will still give my honest take on it and how it performs this time around.

Now I don’t need to go over the details of packaging, scent, texture etc etc. I’m just going to go over how it holds. The last time I used this pomade it was quite warmer out and it’s a lot cooler now. That being said, I’m really curious as to how it will perform versus last time I reviewed it.

If you’re reading this one and haven’t seen all the details on this pomade before. Head to the top of the page and click on either the “Menu” icon and choose “Pomade Reviews” or click on the “Pomade Reviews” link. Scroll down until you see the “Grandad’s Old Fashioned” link. Then click on that one to check out the full review on this pomade. That way you can see that review and this one and you can compare how they differ.

20121219-121730.jpgThe EYE!!!! -.O

I have to say I still really like this pomade! Michael sure has made a really great pomade. Even after getting a bad haircut and having that one fixed as best as it could be, this stuff made my hair look decent! It held great and helped keep my part nice and straight. I didn’t need to use nearly as much as I did the first go ’round. I had about twice the amount of hair then. But even with only using a small finger full, it went a long way and kept all my hairs where I wanted them.

Now there was some slight splitting after the day was through but not much. My hair basically stayed in place and I only recombed it after I took the picture and saw the small split on top. But just as last time this pomade combs and recombs really nicely, very smooth.


Being quite a bit cooler than the last time I used this stuff, it held a lot stronger and kind of hardened up. Not like a gel, but more like it is in the jar. And that’s only because it’s like 55° outside and that makes the wax in the pomade cool quickly. Which can be a good thing, because then you know your hair isn’t moving at all. And it will still be recombable, so if your hair does get messed up you don’t have to add water or anything like that. Just pull out your greasy back-pocket comb and run ‘er through!

So head on over to and search for “Grandad’s Old Fashioned Hair Pomade” and grab a jar of this awesome pomade! Or you can check them out on Facebook. 2/3 of the way there, see you guys at the next stop!



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