South Side Soaps – Black Cherry Pomade

For the ninth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….South Side Soaps – Black Cherry Pomade. This is another one from Claire over at SSS up in Canada. As I’ve stated in the previous review, she has 4 different scents that are all the same hold. So I’m kind of just going in order of my favorite scents, rather than lightest to strongest since they’re all the same.


This one comes in her standard 4oz slip cover tin. However this one has a lid label and a label on the front like the High Life Pomades, but this one is rectangular instead of oval shaped. This label is pretty damn cool looking. It’s a very traditional Americana style tattoo flash design. The design is a bald eagle with a sun behind his head and some flagship lettering above and below him. Above him it says “South Side” below him it says “Hair Pomade” and below that it has “Pour Cheveux.” Now both that and “Hair” are in a blue outlined cursive type font instead of the tattoo lettering. “Pour Cheveux” means ‘for hair’ in French, being Canadian it makes sense to have some French on her tin. Plus it adds a nice little foreign touch to the pomade and label.


Opening this one up you see a bright lemon yellow pomade. I’m not sure why it’s yellow and not a dark crimson red, but maybe it will smell like the yellow cherries. You can see the front label and it’s the exact same design as the lid, only rectangle. Strong black cherry hits you about 30 seconds after you open the tin. It’s not like artificial cherry, like pop/slushees/candy and definitely not like cherry medicine. It smells like actual cherries! Or like cherry juice would. It’s really pleasant smell, and strong to boot.


When I grabbed it out, I noticed it was slightly more waxy. Not a whole lot, but enough to notice. Will this affect the hold or performance of the pomade at all? Only time will tell. And once I got it out of the tin, who boy did this pomade stink up the room! But in a good way. It made my whole bathroom and surrounding areas smell like fresh picked cherries! I may like this one a little better than the Apple Cider now that I have it out of the tin and in my hands. This smell is just awesome!!

I worked it into my palms and I kind of expected it to be hard to break up like the Apple Cider had been. Only because this one felt more waxy than that one did. To my surprise it spread around and broke up much easier. Definitely staring to like this one better. The texture in my hands reminds me of the Schmiere mittel.


When I ran my hands over my hair I noticed it’s the exact same as the Apple Cider so maybe the hold will be the same. This one coated my hair really nicely like the last one did and spread out fairly evenly just by running my hands back and forth.

Taking a comb to my hair, that’s when I noticed another difference. This one doesn’t comb quite as easy as the last one did. This one combs more like a heavy pomade maybe this one will hold stronger than the last one. So after I got my hair combed around and coated good, I started forming. This pomade seems to hold slightly more than the last one. It made my hair a little more straight in the front and tamed my cowlick a little bit better.


I was also able to get a little bit more height with this one. It may be due to my freshly cut hair and it being lighter since its not nearly as long. However it did slightly split like the last one did toward the end of the day. But I just pulled out the old trusty comb and fixed it up right quick. This one seems to be slightly shinier than the last one too.

After a couple days of using this pomade I was kind of bummed to degrease. I really loved the smell of this one, and the way it was in my hair. Definitely a great pomade. But the show must go on. So head over to the etsy site and pick up a tin of this stuff from Claire! Very well worth the money, every dime!

Stay greasy!


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