Switchblade Pompadours SC Pomade – White Label

For the tenth pomade of Christmas, the one I use will be….Switchblade Pompadours SC Pomade. I’m using the white label not the black. They are two different scents and the white fit more with the “12 Pomades of Christmas.” This pomade is a home brew from another frequent ATP member Matt Cuellar.


It’s in your standard 4oz stainless steel slip cover tin with the raised lid center. It just has the one lid label, which in my opinion, is really awesome looking! It’s a white label with black ink. It’s got a cool looking skull with a pomp and his waterfall hanging down, and switchblades for the cross bones. Above him in flagship lettering it says “Switchblade,” below him it says “Pompadours SC” and below that in solid black lettering “Pomade.” Really cool label!


Pulling off the lid you see a bright white waxy pomade it looks almost exactly like the High Life ATP pomade. Doesn’t look like it will have any shine to it in my hair. It almost looks like it doesn’t have any petro in it. And the scent of this one is perfect for this time of year! It smells exactly like Christmas trees! Damn I love the smell of Xmas trees and I’m stoked to get this pomade in my hair.


When I grabbed it out I had a flashback to ATP. It’s exactly the same texture. To the T. Soft creamy wax. The scent on this one doesn’t get that much stronger out of the tin, but it’s still fairly strong.

In my hands is acted like a cross between ATP and Putrescence. At first it kind of candled up on me then got a little tacky. And some of it wanted to stick to my hands. But it washed off easier than ATP.


When I ran my hands over my hair I made the mistake of having my hair slightly damp and I noticed it flaked, because of the wax and water reaction. So the next day I let my hair dry before I applied and it went in a lot better! No flakes or anything and it combed a lot easier when my hair was dry.

I was able to get some nice height with this pomade. And it kind of gave my hair some volume. And as I thought earlier this one doesn’t really have much shine to it, only a slight matte shine to it. It did stick all my little hairs in place and also tamed my cowlick really well.


This pomade almost gave me a flat top, it held my hair so straight. It held my hair a little too straight for my liking when my hair was dry. You can see I didn’t quite get a nice smooth do going, there were a few spots that stuck out a bit. It did hold nice all day long though, I never had to recomb it or anything. But before I finished my review I ran a comb through just to see and it was recombable. It didn’t recomb as easy as some pomades but easier than some others.

After all was said and done I think I like this pomade, but I don’t know how often I will use it because the scent is so distinct to this season. I will however keep using it until the end of January. And will definitely use it again next year! It’s a great hold, awesome scent, recombable and has a badass label!! If you like this pomade an want to get some hit up Matt on Facebook via message and pick up a tin from him!

Comb that hair high fellas!


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